Inhumans: Marvel Releases New Lockjaw Poster #NationalDogDay

The latest poster for Marvel's Inhumans celebrates National Dog Day by putting the spotlight on Lockjaw. In less than a week, the unprecedented collaboration between Marvel, ABC, and IMAX will hit theaters when Inhumans premieres its first two episodes. While the trailers for the show have been divisive so far, next week will prove if the gamble of bringing a TV show into premium theaters was a wise one. To help increase the project's profile, Marvel has been promoting the new show nonstop over the past few weeks.

Following after the two trailers we've seen so far, a new video was released recently that highlights the key characters from Inhumans and establishes the role each will play in the show's narrative. While nothing too noteworthy was revealed about the Royal Family, the teaser did spotlight the political in-fighting that will serve as the series' primary theme. That promo was then followed by a set of posters that mirror the video, showcasing the main characters and their core attribute. Now, the final member of the primary cast has been given a similar treatment.

Missing from the promo and posters was Lockjaw, the giant teleporting dog the Inhuman Royal Family use as transportation. In celebration of Nation Dog Day, however, the Inhumans Twitter account released a new poster that puts Lockjaw front and center.

Naturally, his role is given as "The Family Dog," dispelling the idea that Inhumans will explore the comic book mystery of where Lockjaw came from and whether he's an Inhumans himself. Considering how brooding the series has looked so far, Lockjaw has been presented as the bright spot in the show's promotion. Before anything concrete was known about the series, many fans wondered if Marvel would risk the all-CGI character. But considering how much we've seen him in the trailers and other marketing material, it's safe to assume Lockjaw will be a big part of the show.

Along with the recent batch of posters and accompanying promo, yesterday brought with it another poster featuring Lockjaw. Done in a comic book style, the promo art also involves Crystal, suggesting a bond between the two. The poster was also paired with a new featurette that explores the show, providing some new footage and glimpses of previously-unseen Inhumans. As the premiere date for Inhumans approaches, expect more posters, promos, and TV spots to tease the series and offer new looks at the plot and characters.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1. It begins airing on ABC on September 29.

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