Marvel Tells Definitive Origin of Inhumans in New Series

What You Need to Know About Marvel's Inhumans?

A new Inhumans series is set to finally reveal the true origin in a mini-series titled Inhumans: Once And Future Kings. Fans of Marvel's Inhumans may still be waiting to see a live-action adaptation of the team, but there's always the comics to enjoy. On screen, the property that was originally conceived as a movie has been bumped to an Inhumans TV series, set to launch this September on ABC. The mini-series replaces the film that was originally scheduled for 2020, so it certainly brings these characters into the MCU a lot faster, but many were concerned that the move was a downgrade.

It does, however, allow the Inhumans Royal Family to connect a little more easily with the Inhumans-centric Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - assuming that this is a direction that they want to go, and that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to secure a renewal for season 5. But while the future of the live-action Inhumans is still to be revealed, the team's past is set to be explored in a new comic book mini-series.

The series, announced today at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is titled Inhumans: Once And Future Kings, and will be a five issue mini-series written by Christopher Priest alongside artist Phil Noto. Billed as the "definitive origin" of the Inhumans, the series will take the reader back to the early days of the Attilan Royal Family, before Maximum went mad, before Medusa was married, and to a time when Black Bolt had just undergone Terrigenesis.

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In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Priest spoke about the series and his return to Marvel. Although he didn't give away too many details, he has revealed some of what readers can expect from the series.

I was actually surprised and challenged when Marvel offered me the project. I see this series as part of a bigger and more complex overall history. As I see it, we can either bore people to death by trying to be too much, or we can go the “Rogue One” route and tell a fun story which embellishes key points of their origin. I presume if the audience wants to see more of this era of the Inhumans, Marvel will respond.

...What you will see in “OAFK” are these characters in their formative years with relationships just beginning to be explored and tested. “OAFK” is a lot like “X-Men: First Class” with The Inhumans. They are the characters the audience knows and loves but are fresh out of the gate and, therefore, different enough that following their development is fun and exciting.

He goes on to say that the characters are going to be very different to the ones that readers will be familiar with, and their dynamic together will be very surprising. He has not given any specific ages for the characters, but confirms that "most" will have undergone Terrigenesis.

This mini-series is going to be a fantastic entry point for new fans of the team (especially since it will potentially be released around the same time as the Inhumans TV series), as well as providing long-time fans with a new perspective on the Attilan Royals.

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Inhumans: Once And Future Kings will be released by Marvel later this year.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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