Inhumans Episodes 3 & 4 Synopses and Images: Royal Family On Earth

[SPOILERS for Inhumans Episodes 1 & 2 ahead.]


Images and plot summaries for Marvel's Inhumans episodes 3 and 4 teases life on Earth for the Inhuman Royal Family in the series. When Marvel and ABC announced their ambitious partnership with IMAX to bring the Inhuman Royal Family to the big screen, it seemed like the best of both worlds for fans. The show would gain the strength of a prolonged narrative while still getting a version of the movie treatment that was originally promised. Unfortunately, the first two episodes of the series ended up being widely panned.

Regardless of the negative reception, Inhumans still has a full 8 episode season to air starting this Friday. With Marvel hoping to increase promotion, a new Inhumans trailer was released this week that effectively lays out the plot of the two-part pilot. From there, each new episode will air on Fridays, leading into the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It looks as if Marvel and ABC aren't worried about spoiling some of the big reveals from the premiere, however, as the latest synopses and images lay out a new status quo for the characters.

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The official synopses for episodes 3 and 4 of Inhumans have now been released online, along with images from both episodes (via Spoilering). You can read the plot summaries for 'Divide and Conquer' and 'Make Way for...Medusa' below, followed by the images:

“Divide and Conquer” – After fleeing their home, The Inhumans desperately search for each other in the wake of Maximus’ coup. Now they must learn who they can trust on Earth, on an all-new episode of “Marvel’s Inhumans,” airing on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6 (9:01-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

“Make Way for … Medusa” – The search for Black Bolt continues on Earth; meanwhile, Maximus makes bold moves to cement his status as the new ruler of Attilan, on an all-new episode of “Marvel’s Inhumans,” airing on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 (9:01-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

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Episode three will pick up with Auran gathering her forces to hunt down the Royal Family. Meanwhile, Medusa will meet up with Ellen Woglom's Louise, a scientist who lends support to the exiled Inhumans. At the same time, Maximus will continue to manipulate his people from Attilan, including Medusa's sister Crystal.

Episode four looks to involve much of the same, which may not prove wise for a show already being chastised for its slow-moving plot. The title, however, is a nice nod to the comics. It comes from a story about the Inhuman queen from 1968's Amazing Spider-Man #62. In the story, Medusa was still a villain, so it's likely we'll see more of her wrath in the episode.

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Inhumans premieres Friday, September 29th on ABC.

Source: Spoilering (via MCU Exchange)

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