Inhumans Director On Comparisons to Doctor Strange & X-Men

The director of Inhumans has addressed comparisons of his show to Doctor Strange and the X-Men franchise. Marvel TV's latest offering has finally debuted in IMAX theaters with its first two episodes giving fans a taste of what the new series will be all about. Following the trials of the Inhumans Royal Family when they are banished from their own city, the show will deal with the race's struggles in fitting in on Earth, as well as their attempt to save the humankind against looming threats.

Originally planned as a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's ongoing third phase, the property was eventually relegated to be small screen outing joining Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. on ABC. However, the franchises it's been most compared to are those on the big screen, specifcally Doctor Strange and the X-Men.

The Strange link comes from the similarities in Stephen Strange and Karnak's powers. Roel Reine, the show's director, addressed this in an interview with The Independent, saying that while the Royal Family's strategist and philosopher have some links in terms of abilities to the Sorcerer Supreme, the two still have distinct skill sets and their utilizations of them that ultimately separates the characters:

"It’s more of an analytical thing. His special skill is being able to see the worst versions of what is going to happen, which is a big problem for him. There are other scenes which are funny because he only sees the bad version of it and has to recoup to see the good version. They give me a lot of freedom to design the visual effects like I want them."

Karnak (Ken Leung) reports to Black Bolt (Anson Mount) on Marvel's Inhumans

Another Marvel property that is being continuously compared to the Inhumans is X-Men. Both team feature super-powered individuals who are oftentimes treated as a threat to mankind as a metaphor for prejudice. In fact, Inhumans was even eyed as a replacement for mutants in the comics. Here, Reine thinks is the core difference between the two lies in their origins:

"What’s really different is the X-Men are born with their special skills; they’re very problematic in the human race. With the Inhuman race, they get their skills in a special ceremony. They’re closed in their own society, which itself moves to the moon. For me, that’s the key difference: they have their own society."

Reine seems pretty adamant that any comparisons, despite feeling pretty blatant to many, are being blown out of proportion. Of course, they are based solely on the initially released two-episode from the show; as audiences go deeper into the lore, these distinctions could become more apparent.

In any case, there are still six hours left on Marvel's Inhumans first season, which will debut weekly later this month on ABC. Its two-episode primer, on the other hand, will continue to be shown in IMAX theaters for the next two weeks.

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Source: The Independent

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