Inhumans Casting Update: Lost Star Reportedly Circling 'Big Role'

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One of the most popular television programs in recent memory was Lost on ABC. The JJ Abrams-produced series took viewers on a lengthy journey filled with twists and turns on the increasingly-magical island. However, the success of the show didn't necessarily launch the careers of its stars in the same way. Evangeline Lilly may now be the most prevalent cast member from the show, especially after joining the MCU as Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man.

Marvel Studios and Marvel Television have no shortage of projects in development at this point, but the one that is closest to kicking off producing is Inhumans. After many rumors regarding casting, Marvel has begun to unveil their official cast with Iwan Rheon joining as the villain, Maximus the Mad. Now it appears that the former Game of Thrones actor could have a Lost co-star.

The Tracking-Board's Jeff Sneider said this past week on Meet the Movie Press that he was holding onto a piece of Inhumans casting. While he would not give a timeframe on when this news could be announced, he did tease that a Lost actor is close to landing a major role in the show:

"A Lost veteran, I think, is getting a big role in Inhumans. There’s like 80 people in Lost. Good luck figuring that out."

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So there we have it, we can now add a former Lost star to the growing list of names of actors and actresses that could have a role in the IMAX series. Previously, social media activity has led to speculation that a former Arrow star is Medusa and pointed towards who could play Gorgon and Crystal. If those rumors are to believed, and with Maximus already cast, the roles of Black Bolt, Karnak, and Triton are still available for this mystery Lost actor.

If we go on to speculate about what Lost actors could fill these roles, there are a few options that could make sense. Matthew Fox as Black Bolt is something that would make sense as he has the experience of being a leading man before. Naveen Andrews could also be a great choice as Karnak, while Daniel Dae Kim or Ken Leung would be nice choices as Triton, not only because of their acting abilities but also so the show can have some diversity among its lead cast.

There is no telling how probable any of these suggestions are to coming true, but hopefully Marvel isn't going to wait much longer before they announce the rest of the cast officially. When this time comes, it will be interesting to see which Lost star is among the featured cast (or if this ultimately falls apart later on).

Source: Meet the Movie Press

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