Inhumans Cast Responds to Mixed Reactions

The cast of Marvel's Inhumans have responded to the mixed reactions from fans regarding the series. After we finally got a look at the next set of heroes coming from Marvel, audiences didn't respond well to the trailers or the stills of the series. Inhumans revolves around Black Bolt, Medusa and the Royal Family as they face a coup from Maximus. Escaping to Earth, the go on the run to survive.

Fans have specifically raised concerns about the show's visuals. Several of the main characters' powers are visually led and the first trailer made them look unimpressive. Many weren't happy with the way Medusa's hair looked in particular. The director of the series, Roel Reine, made a statement saying even he wasn't pleased with the first trailer. But this was because the effects needed to bring the Inhumans' powers to life weren't finished yet, and the trailer had been released too early in his opinion.


During recent interviews with AP the cast responded to the criticisms brought up by fans. Ken Leung, who plays Karnak, made a point that the show is simply based off the comics, and won't be completely faithful to what fans will be familiar with.

“We are kind of just loosely based on the comics. The source of some of the mixed reactions to the little that people have seen so far [is] that a lot of people love the comics, they have been around for decades and it remains to be seen how people will accept something that is its own iteration of something that’s already beloved.”

Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon in Marvel's Inhumans

Leung points out that the show is bringing its own version of Black Bolt and the rest of the heroes. The Inhumans won't be on the same level as the Netflix Marvel shows, they'll have a cinematic feel to them instead. Whereas Anson Mount, who plays the King of Attilan, wants audiences to just see the series before coming up with a definitive opinion. The actor also clears up the claims that the cast stepped away from a Q&A session at the Television Critics Association.

“I think that the quote-unquote awkwardness at the [TCAs] was blown out of proportions. There was all this news that we ended the Q&A early, which we did not. It was actually scheduled to end at that time. I think people should just see the thing.”

Marvel's Inhumans is ambitious in bringing the Royal Family to television, especially with a smaller budget than the MCU movies typically have, but the director feels that having that restricted budget actually benefited the project. Although considering one of the characters is a CGI bulldog, called Lockjaw, with teleportation powers, that budget might not be as restricted as he makes out. But with dramatic changes to major characters and conflicted villains, the Inhumans will have plenty to play with.


Marvel’s Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, the series begins on ABC on September 29.

Source: AP

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