Inhumans Casts The 100's Henry Ian Cusick As New Character

Marvel's Inhumans continues to flesh out its cast, adding a new original character and two more members of royalty from the comics. There was a time when each new Marvel project left fans breathless with anticipation. And while the excitement is still high, the MCU continues to churn out multiple movies and TV shows each year, giving fans a number of chances to dive into the live-action world inspired by the comics. Following years in production as a film, this September will finally see Inhumans come to the big screen - only now, it's a TV show.

After premiering two episodes on IMAX screens, Inhumans will airs its eight-episode first season on ABC this fall in place of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So far, little is known about the show, as it's ABC's only fall premiere that's yet to receive a trailer. Luckily, it's likely on the way. We've already seen leaked images from the video that was streamed at upfronts a few weeks back, and a clip featuring the teleporting Lockjaw even made its way online. In the meantime, fans are eager to learn more about the plot and the cast of the show.

On the latter front, we now know three new names that have been added to the cast in recent weeks thanks to the IMDb listing for Inhumans. While anything from the site should always be taken with a grain of salt, the additions are certainly exciting. Appearing in six of the eight episodes as an original character named Dr. Evan Declan will be Henry Ian Cusick (The 100). Meanwhile, Michael Buie (Grey's Anatomy) and Tanya Clarke (Banshee) will be playing King Agon and Queen Rynda, respectively - better known as the parents of Black Bolt and Maximus.

Cusick, best known as Desmond Hume from Lost and Marcus Kane on The 100, will likely be playing a human doctor or scientist who interacts with the recently emerged Inhumans. So far, we've only met members of the Inhuman Royal Family, so it makes sense for some human characters to be added to give the show a different perspective.

Agon and Rynda, meanwhile, look to have somewhat smaller roles, but very important ones. Debuting in 1968's Thor #148, both parents have a long history in the comics as the former leaders of the Inhumans. They were also radicals of a sort, exposing Black Bolt to the Terrigen Mists while still in the womb. Thanks to Rynda's mastery over what enters her body, she was even able to refine the Mists. This resulted in Black Bolt becoming one of the most powerful Inhumans to ever exist, even at his birth.

Given Buie and Clarke are each only in three episodes and both relatively young, we might merely see them in flashbacks. Then again, the Inhuman physiology means they could still appear the same age as their children even in the present. That said, the show will likely focus on Black Bolt, Medusa, and the rest of the 'younger' Inhumans, something teased with the recent reveal of the Inhumans cast. Still, expect Agon and Rynda's presence to be felt throughout the series as Black Bolt attempts to govern and Maximus attempts to usurp him.

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Inhumans will screen in IMAX for two weeks, beginning Friday, September 1, before later premiering on ABC on Friday, September 22.

Source: IMDb

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