Inhumans Poster Confirms Attilan Is On The Moon

The latest poster for Inhumans confirms the Royal Family's base is on the moon. Ever since Inhumans moved from a Marvel film to a TV show, fans have been curious how much of the comic book lore would be translated to screen. After all, between Lockjaw the giant teleporting dog, Medusa's prehensile hair, and all the other alien elements, could a television budget really pull everything off? While we'll have to wait for the show to premiere to fully assess that, the assistance of IMAX will surely make things smoother when it comes to visual effects and budget requirements.

Despite that, one big question has remained in regards to the show: where will the Inhuman Royal Family be based? We've know for some time that the ancient city-state of Attilan would indeed be brought from page to screen. In the comics, however, Attilan has been located everywhere from the Himalayan Mountains to the Hudson Bay to the Moon. The latter option would certainly be the most grandiose and it now looks as if that is in fact where part of the show will take place.

The Inhumans Twitter sent out a new poster for the show to celebrate National Moon Day. By doing so - and mentioning Attilan specifically - Marvel have official confirmed Earth's satellite will serve as the Royal Family's base of operations.

Attilan awaits! Happy #NationalMoonDay from Marvel's #Inhumans!

— Marvel's Inhumans (@theinhumans) July 20, 2017

Given that a shot of the Moon is the first thing we saw in the Inhumans trailer - mixed with all the mentions of going to Earth - Attilan's place in space has been assumed for some time. Still, it's exciting to have confirmation that one of the more fantastical elements from the comics will feature on the show.

Of course, with the Inhumans hanging out on the moon, it's going to be pretty hard for Avengers: Infinity War to ignore the TV denizens. If we're lucky, the Inhumans will pop up in the new film. Given the MCU's track record of incorporating their TV shows into the movies, however, you might not want to hold your breath.

In the meantime, Inhumans presence at Comic-Con has given us a number of new looks at the show. We've seen a giant Lockjaw and some cool new character posters. Likely, more info about the show and the reveal of more plot and character details will arrive this weekend - so stay tuned.

Inhumans debuts in IMAX on September 1, 2017, and on ABC on September 29.

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Source: Inhumans

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