Inhumans: Black Bolt Actor Had Wanted to Play Gambit

Before Anson Mount took on the role of Black Bolt in Inhumans, he was hoping to play the mutant Gambit. After debuting in IMAX theaters to largely negative reviews, Inhumans is all set for its TV premiere tonight. The show will see ABC once again attempt to cash in on the success of the MCU, but things aren't looking good for the future of the series.

For now, everyone involved with Inhumans is cautiously optimistic. Showrunner Scott Buck already has ideas for the future planned out in his mind. Meanwhile, images and synopses for episodes 3 and 4 tease some potential shake-ups that could benefit the show's narrative. Hopefully, it pays off, as the actors involved may be stuck in the shadow of these particular superhero roles for awhile if the series fails.

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Mount confirmed to CBR that the silent Inhuman king wasn't the first comic book role that he had laid his eyes on. Long before Channing Tatum became attached to the still-in-development Gambit film, Mount was hoping to play the roguish mutant on the big screen:

Gambit - X-Men

“I wanted to be Gambit for a really long time, and then Channing Tatum ruined that for me! But I think he’s gonna do a great job.”

Given Mount doesn't get much to do in the first two hours of Inhumans, it's hard to tell what he would bring to the role of another superhero. Of course, we've yet to even see what Tatum will be like in the role of the X-Men comic book character.

Gambit is reportedly starting over from scratch at the moment, after having seen a number of directors (including, most recently, American Made helmsman Doug Liman) attach themselves to the project only to ultimately step away. The idea behind the scene has, according to Tatum himself, changed significantly following the success of the X-Men solo character films Deadpool and Logan over the past two years. Hence, those working on the Gambit movie are coming at it from a different angle now, as a response.

Of course, there is a real possibly that Gambit will simply never come together with Tatum leading the charge. And if Inhumans is cancelled after one season, as many people are currently speculating will happen, Mount might just be free to once again pursue his dream in the foreseeable future. Stranger things have already happened in the world of comic book movies.

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Inhumans premieres tonight on ABC.

Source: CBR

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