Ingrid Goes West Trailer: Aubrey Plaza's Road Trip Off the Edge

The new trailer for the offbeat comedy Ingrid Goes West shows Aubrey Plaza following her dreams - by any means necessary. Over the years, Plaza has developed quite a resume. While her early work mostly revolved around playing the lovably cynical April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, the years since have seen her branch out into both indie and mainstream comedies. It wasn't until this year's Legion, however, that she finally proved she was an actor to keep an eye on. Playing multiple sides of both the best friend and enemy of the main character, her work as Lenny is redefining how people view her as performer.

Not content to let that be her lone project this year, she has two indie films on the horizon that will further flesh out her impressive range. The most prominent project of the two will be Ingrid Goes West, distributed by newer company Neon. In the film, Plaza will play the title character who becomes obsessed with an Instagram celebrity and decides to head to California to become her friend. The darkly comic tale will feature Plaza once again playing multiple versions of a character as Ingrid tries to stalk and lie her way into the life of Elizabeth Olsen's tastemaker.

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Neon have now released a new trailer for Ingrid Goes West. Though the story beats of the film were laid out in the red band trailer released in April, the new trailer shows even more of the plot and how far Ingrid is willing to go to get what she wants. Along with the trailer, a new poster has also been released showcasing the other characters and stars, such as O'Shea Jackson Jr. (Straight Outta Compton).

All told, the new movie looks like a fitting antidote to the more blunt and raucous mainstream comedies we've seen so far this year. By focusing on the sometimes dark and obsessive realm of social media, Ingrid Goes West will look at the underbelly of a world we've all had a taste of before. On top of that, the absurd comedy looks to be perfect for Plaza's sensibilities.

While Ingrid Goes West will be getting a decent size push - the original trailer is playing ahead of Baby Driver right now - Plaza's other dark comedy this year will likely fly under the radar. Back in April, we also covered the first trailer for The Little Hours, featuring Alison Brie, Dave Franco, and John C. Reilly. Taking things a step further than Plaza's other work, the story focuses on an unhinged and raucous group of nuns in the middle ages. The film is already garnering praise from critics and condemnations from the Catholic League.

With LegionThe Little Hours, and Ingrid Goes West, Plaza will spend 2017 remaking her image as a performer and showing audiences her potential. Likely, it's only a matter of time before she starts popping up in prestige films and at awards shows. And if not, Ingrid Goes West looks like it will be a very enjoyable ride.

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  • Ingrid Goes West (2017) release date: Aug 11, 2017
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