A Glourious Unreleased Basterds Poster

The imagery of World War II is truly indelible. So many people creating and reacting to so much havoc would make even the most steadfast of wills flinch.

This summer, Quentin Tarantino and company treated us to Inglorious Basterds, which was the seed not only for a great summer movie review, but for a listing of "The 5 Best Films Where Nazis Get Owned!"

The imagery conjured in many WWII films has been at least as powerful as those captured during the actual fight for right in Europe - and now, a new poster has appeared online that offers you even more introspection into the realm of Nazis, Basterds and old-school flavor.

The difference? The imagery in this poster has never been used. Check it out:


Head over to Poster Wire for the full-sized version.

This poster, illustrated by veteran artisan James Goodridge, offers a classic, straight-forward feel and is cast in the light of the original Indiana Jones-posters (doesn't get much better than that). The tones of color, the expressions, the slightly "illustrated" flair all offer something to revel in and sparks the imagination.

I find it strangely ironic that something so glorious went unused for Hollywood feature film that had the title "Inglourious" in it. This poster really does convey pretty much everything that the movie covers.

Tell us what YOU think about the poster and also tell us what YOUR favorite movie posters of yesteryear were in the discussion section.

Source: Poster Wire via  First Showing

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