The Basterds Have (Finally) Landed

Okay, I couldn't help that reference to Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, and I apologize if I've used it before.

It's just that I'm excited (and I've waited a long time to use that quote!) about seeing the trailer for this film.

We've waited long and hard for some Inglourious Basterds footage and now finally we get to see the first trailer for the Quentin Tarantino/Brad Pitt team-up.


Click below to find out.

Head over to Yahoo Movies for the HD version.

Well, it certainly looks interesting. It also looks like it could be violent as hell (very unlike Tarantino) and high on comedy. In fact I was reminded of Dr Strangelove and the Coen Brother's back catalog when watching the trailer. However, what worries me slightly is the rather flat visuals. The cinematography looks dull and uninspired, and some of the sets appear to be of a straight to DVD standard - odd considering that this is a Brad Pitt starrer. Looks like the credit crunch is really hitting the Weinsteins.

Overall, Inglourious Basterds appears to have that man on a mission quality that Tarantino has been talking up for a decade, but the trailer seems to rather light on other basterds. Yes Eli Roth seems to have a good bit of the limelight (and appears to be re-living his "gorno" days) but the trailer seems to ignore the rest of Pitt's crew.

It is a teaser and the film isn't released until August 21, 2009 so I'm sure we'll see more in the coming months. Tarantino is a must-see film-maker and this isn't any different. Let's just hope that it measures up to the director's hype. As for the crazy Hitler... I'm still not sure

Okay, Stallone - lets see the first on set image of The Expendables.

Source: Yahoo

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