Looks Like Inglorious Bastards Is A Reality

Quentin Tarantino

It would appear that Quentin Tarantino is leaving the comfort of his Weinstein home. The chinned one has begun shopping his script for Inglorious Bastards (a WWII movie) around Hollywood - the first time Tarantino has tried to sell his product to a major studio since he hit the big time with Reservoir Dogs way back in 1992.

Hot on the heals of this news comes word that Brad Pitt is interested in a role in Tarantino's new feature.

Brad's not the only one who has been mentioned for a part in the film - over the years everyone from Sylvester Stallone to Adam Sandler have been mooted for a role- but Pitt's name is the first to seem concrete.

Tarantino has been talking about this film for close to a decade - before Kill Bill - and it looked like it would sit beside The Vega Brothers as one of his unfinished works.

Then a few weeks ago he said that he hoped to show the film at Cannes next year and that he would be going into production soon. Many believed (myself included) that Tarantino was "all mouth and no trousers" (an English expression for all talk and no action) but it looks like he was telling the truth.

What is strange about this new announcement is that The Weinstein Company will not be making the film on their own - they want buddy up with a partner studio. There could be two reasons for this:

1. It could be a very expensive script and maybe TWC haven't got enough cash in their coffers (they've had a lot of duds recently - including Tarantino's Grindhouse).

2. Maybe old QT believes that he needs new energy for this film and he's decided to branch out in a different direction.

However - will he have the same creative control away from Harvey Weinstein (who is producing the film)?

Weinstein did affectionatley refer to Miramax as "the studio that Quentin built."

Whatever the case, more details and cast members should be announced soon - if QT manages to find a buyer. Not that there should be a problem.

Source: DeadlineHollywood

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