The Informer Trailer: Joel Kinnaman Goes to Prison to Win His Freedom

Joel Kinnaman is an ex-convict turned FBI informant who goes back to prison to infiltrate the mob in The Informer trailer. The Killing, RoboCop, and Suicide Squad actor is joined in the film's cast by Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common, and Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049).

Kinnaman stars in The Informer as Pete Koslow, a former Special Ops soldier-turned convict who's given a chance for early release when he agrees to infiltrate New York's most powerful crime organization for the FBI. When a tragic turn of events prompts Pete's crooked boss (aka. The General) to order him to violate his parole and get himself sent back to prison so he can smuggle drugs through the facility, Pete's handlers at the FBI (Owen and Pike) make him a deal: if he agrees to the plan and brings them the evidence they need to expose the mob's dealings, the U.S. government will grant him the freedom he's been yearning for. Of course, an extremely dangerous and risky operation like that is (much) easier to execute in theory than in motion.

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An Americanized film adaptation of Börge Hellström and Anders Roslund's 2009 Swedish crime-thriller novel Three Seconds, The Informer was directed by Andrea Di Stefano (Escobar: Paradise Lost) and written for the screen by Matt Cook (Triple 9, Patriots Day). Aviron Pictures has now released the official trailer for the movie online, well ahead of its debut in U.S. theaters next spring. Take a look in the space below.

The Informer trailer introduces most of the film's key players, including Armas as Pete's wife Sofia Hoffman, and Common as an NYPD detective who threatens to derail the FBI's entire operation when he starts investigating the death of a fellow police officer... an officer whom, as it were, went undercover and was killed during a mob meeting (despite Pete's efforts to save his life). That's a respectable setup for a cops and crooks drama, all things considered - and though the trailer footage makes The Informer seem like pretty standard genre fare, its cast may yet elevate the proceedings into something more memorable.

Aviron currently has The Informer scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on March 22, 2019 (a change from its previous February 1 launch date). Competition shouldn't be too intense over the movie's opening weekend, either; Captain Marvel will have already been playing in theaters for two weeks by that point, and the biggest wide release that week is probably Tom Hanks' war drama Greyhound. So long as word of mouth around The Informer is decent enough, the film should be able to carve out a healthy-sized slice of box office pie for itself, when it arrives.

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Source: Aviron Pictures

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