Gamora Uses Infinity Stones To Make a New Universe

Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #3

Marvel's Infinity Wars event has taken a stunning twist, as Gamora uses the power of the Infinity Stones to recreate the Marvel Universe. It's time for comic book readers to be introduced to Warpworld.

In July, Marvel began teasing that they were planning to transform their entire comic book universe. Teasers revealed strange mash-up heroes, referred to as "Infinity Warps," including Iron Hammer (Thor and Iron Man), Soldier Supreme (Captain America and Doctor Strange), Weapon Hex (Scarlet Witch and X-23), Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider and Black Panther), and Arachknight (Moon Knight and Spider-Man). The teasers were given no context, beyond evidently being tied to the current ongoing Infinity Wars event, which has seen Gamora gain possession of the Infinity Stones.

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The scale of it all finally becomes clear in Infinity Wars #3. Standing triumphant, Gamora realizes that Earth's Mightiest Heroes will continue to oppose her. She doesn't want to kill them, and so instead hatches a ruthless plan to keep them busy. She rewrites the rules of reality itself, creating a whole new universe referring to as "Warpworld." Every soul is merged with another one, and it appears to be almost at random; the comic even reveals an as-yet-unnamed Wolverine/Emma Frost hybrid, hardly the character any readers will have expected to see.

As Loki observes, there's a sense in which Gamora has achieved what Thanos dreamed of. Like her "father," she has halved the number of souls in the universe, although she's done it without any deaths at all.

But Infinity Wars #3 hints that the true nature of Warpworld is even more sinister. It seems that Gamora has created this new universe inside the Soul Gem; no longer is this a Soul World, now it's essentially a Soul Universe. According to Gamora, there is a cosmic entity dwelling at the heart of the Soul Gem named Devondra. This mysterious being is the real reason the Soul Gem has always hungered, and Gamora expects Devondra to have her fill of Warpworld's inhabitants. In one scene, an everyday human mysteriously shimmers out of existence, presumably consumed by Devondra. It seems Warpworld is far from a benign place to be.

In strategic terms, this a masterstroke. All those who would oppose Gamora are now confused and bewildered, filled with conflicting impulses and drives. The one fly is Gamora's ointment is Loki the trickster, who as always had plans and schemes of his own. Gamora may be powerful, and she may know Loki's reputation, but it looks as though in creating Warpworld she's actually fallen into his trap. But what is Loki's true goal? All will presumably be revealed as Loki explores this strange new reality.

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Infinity Wars #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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