Infinity War Concept Art Reveals Young Thanos (& Will Give You Nightmares)

New Avengers: Infinity War character design for young Thanos (Josh Brolin) have been revealed by Marvel concept artist Ryan Meinerding.

Avengers: Infinity War concept art reveals character design for young Thanos (Josh Brolin). Marvel Studios had been teasing the introduction of the Mad Titan as early as 2011's Thorbut it wasn't until Joe and Anthony Russo's 2018's he officially debuted. The project also served as the villain's origin story by focusing the narrative on him despite having a massive cast all vying for screen time.

Thanos' proper introduction may be unconventional, but Infinity War did a great job establishing his character. Despite his nefarious plan, the film was able to project him as an empathetic character as people learned about his primary motivations. This was a great set-up for his eventual win at the end of the movie - successfully killing off half of life in the universe in the hopes of bringing balance to the galaxy. By Avengers: Endgame, Thanos was eventually defeated and killed, but regardless of a rather short stint in the MCU, the Mad Titan is hailed as one of the best bad guys in the franchise thus far.

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While he's already gone, there's still a lot more of story left to tell when it comes to Thanos' personal story. Infinity War streamlined his own character journey that the movie only included details needed to establish his case against the Avengers. However, several concept illustrations for young Thanos shared on his official Instagram account by Marvel Studios concept artist Ryan Meinerding raise the possibility of exploring more of his past. Check out the images below:

Several months ago, a different concept art for young Thanos has made its way online, but unlike Meinerding's creation, that one depicts his connection to the Eternals. In the image, a significantly slimmer Mad Titan stands is beside his family who are supposedly cosmically-powered ancient beings. It's unclear if Thanos' lineage will ever be explored in the MCU moving forward, but with Chloe Zhao's star-studded The Eternals hitting the big screen next year, it won't be that difficult to find a way to incorporate the purple villain in the equation. No word yet if there are any plans f0r the character past his death in Endgame, but with Brolin still attached to the Deadpool franchise which is now essentially handled by Marvel Studios, bringing him back to play the character will be easier.

Regardless of what Marvel Studios plans on doing to Thanos, it seems such a waste to not see him back in the MCU in any capacity after his stints in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. The studio has already perfected the character designs, not to mention the technology to bring him to life, so it'll be fairly easy to incorporate him in upcoming films. Otherwise, perhaps fans can get a prequel series for the villainous character on Disney+ considering that the universe is now set to expand on the small screen.

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Source: Ryan Meinerding

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