Possible Infinity War Toy Leak Reveals Thor's New Weapon

After the shocking events of Thor: Ragnarok, everyone has been left wondering what the God of Thunder's new weapon might be, but a Funko Pop leak may have just revealed it.

Since Thor's mighty hammer was teased at the end of Iron Man 2 in 2010, Mjolnir has been by his side ever since. Across the first three Thor solo movies, he has hurled his weapon at a variety of foes, but was ultimately bested by his sister Hela. With Mjolnir left in pieces by the end of Ragnarok, Thor proved that he didn't need it to save the day, however, everyone ultimately knows that he must be getting a new weapon to take on the Mad Titan Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

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We already know that a war-torn Thor will cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War, and some have already pinpointed the moment in the trailer where his new weapon could be being forged. While there are many tools out there that Thor could pick up next, a Reddit leak of an Infinity War Funko Pop seems to be a pretty big spoiler of what we can expect. It may just be a custom Funko, but complete with new armor and an eyepatch, it looks pretty legit.

Hemsworth has already teased an exciting new weapon, while the Infinity War concept art was careful not to give too much away other than a cool team-up between the Norse god and Rocket Racoon. Speculation has been rife on what Thor will be holding next, with many hoping that it could be Jarnbjorn - the Wrecker of Worlds. Similar to Mjolnir, Jarnbjorn gained untold powers when Thor blessed it as his new partner in crime. The dwarf-forged ax has appeared plenty of times in the comics, most notably when Thor lost his hammer to Jane Foster. Looking closely at the Funko, the picture isn't particularly clear, but it definitely looks like it could be Jarnbjorn. This would also neatly fit with a particular LEGO leak which also seemed to show an ax-like weapon by his side.

How long this new weapon will be with Thor remains to be seen, but with hype surrounding a fourth Thor movie with Taikia Waititi back for more - and Hemsworth not ready to leave the MCU yet - the latest addition to his arsenal could be around for quite some time. That being said, there have been rumors that Thor will be getting Mjolnir back in Infinity War, so this could just be a temporary replacement. Either way, it won't be long before those mighty muscles are picking something up to hurl at Thanos, but how he gets it remains to be seen. Perhaps it is time to trade in hammer time for something a little different.

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Source: Reddit

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