Infinity War Directors Discuss Deleted Guardians Scene

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity War

The Russo brothers have revealed there's at least one deleted scene in Avengers: Infinity War - and it will be on the DVD. Infinity War has only been out for a little over a week, and will likely become the fastest movie in history to break $1 billion at the box office. For all that's the case, though, some viewers are already beginning to wonder just what they should expect from the film's sure to be huge home video releases.

Most Blu-Ray and DVD releases include a wealth of special features. Presumably Infinity War will include the featurettes Marvel have been releasing throughout production, and a few more that the House of Ideas have deliberately held back. Until now, though, it's not been clear whether or not there would be deleted scenes - and, if so, how many.

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In an interview with EWInfinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have revealed there was one particular deleted scene that will definitely be on the disc. It featured the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Joe Russo described it as a "straight-up comedic scene." His brother explained a little more:

"It’s a scene where they’re sort of stuck. There’s a point in the movie where they’re stuck without knowing what to do. And it was just this absurd scene of the Guardians not knowing where to go. And it was really fun and it was very endearing to us. But because the movie is so big and so propulsive, it just wasn’t quite pushing us where we needed to go."

It's fairly easy to guess where this scene occurs in the film's plot. After encountering Thor, most of the Guardians head to Knowhere, seeking to get the Reality Stone before Thanos. They're unsuccessful, and the Mad Titan then departs with Gamora. Peter Quill, Drax, and Mantis are left unsure what to do next; it's only when they're contacted by Nebula that the group head to Titan. That moment easily aligns with the Guardians being "stuck without knowing what to do."

According to the Russos, there weren't many such deleted scenes. The directors were well aware that they were operating under tremendous pressure; the film boasts an all-star cast, and aligning so many different schedules was a difficult task. It's already known that the Russo brothers had to use a stand-in for many scenes featuring Benedict Cumberbatch; there was no way to align Cumberbatch's schedule with that of the actors he was playing alongside.

In order to handle this issue, Joe Russo explained that they were "so vigilant in the script phase." In general, if the Russos filmed a scene, it made its way into the final cut. "Our first director's cut was probably 2:40 or 2:30," Joe Russo continued. "We're pretty close to where the directors' cut was." The Guardians scene really does sound to be the one big exception, meaning it may well be the only notable deleted scene that forms part of the home release.

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Source: EW

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