Infinity War: Hugo Weaving Was Asked To Return As Red Skull

Original Red Skull actor Hugo Weaving was asked to return for Avengers: Infinity War. In a movie full of surprises, none may have been as shocking to longtime MCU fans as the return of the Captain America villain and his connection to the Soul Stone. While he's a familiar character to many, Weaving did not return in the role.

Weaving made his only MCU appearance as Red Skull back in Captain America: The First Avenger. During the climactic battle of the film, he received an ambiguous send off after touching the Tesseract (later revealed to be the Space Stone) and disappearing. Red Skull hadn't been around since and his whereabouts were one of the MCU's biggest mysteries. Complicating his return however was how Weaving had made his unhappiness with the role (and the prosthesis/makeup) very public. He would admit that another film was on his contract with Marvel but it was clear he didn't want to return. Ross Marquand took over the role for Infinity War, but the Russos have now revealed that they did ask Weaving to return.

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The Russo brothers took part in a Q&A following an Avengers: Infinity War screening hosted by Collider last night in Los Angeles and were asked about a variety of topics regarding the film. One of the subject matters they discussed was Red Skull, which is when they revealed that Hugo Weaving was asked to return as the villain for Infinity War. Unfortunately, the Russos did not elaborate on what that conversation was like as shared by Slashfilm.


Even though Weaving only made the one appearance as Red Skull, he was often at the top of fan wishlists for villains to return because his performance was so memorable. This obviously never happened and if Weaving turned down the chance to return for Infinity War and likely wrap up the character's story, then it is likely that Weaving will never return. His time appears to have passed, which should make Marquand the top contender to play Red Skull if he's needed in the future.

As of right now, the future of Red Skull is back to being a mystery. Even with Weaving not returning, Marquand has no idea if the character will be featured in Avengers 4. He is no longer a prisoner to Vormir and the Russos previously confirmed he can now travel freely. Considering how major of a threat Red Skull has been in Marvel comics for more than 70 years, it won't be too surprising if he continues to have a new role in the MCU, especially with Marquand now taking over the part.

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Source: Slashfilm

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