Infinity War 1990s Fan Poster Stars Michael Jackson & David Bowie

Avengers Infinity War cast

A new fan poster imagines Avengers: Infinity War if it had come out in 1990, and featured stars of the era including Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Michael J. Fox and others. When it began in 2008 with Iron Man, no one could have foreseen what the MCU would ultimately become. Certainly no one could have imagined a movie like Infinity War, bringing together the biggest collection of comic book heroes ever seen for a film (even more unpredictable is what ended up happening to a lot of them).

As promised, Infinity War was truly the culmination of ten years of build-up, and arguably could not have happened - and been nearly as effective - without the decade of films that came before. Of course there were superhero films before the MCU and Infinity War, and even ones like the X-Men movies that put together large teams of charactersBut prior to the existence of the MCU, the ultimate example of the shared universe, the idea of a movie collecting so many comic book characters together for one story was basically unthinkable.

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Though Infinity War, or a movie like it, could never have existed in 1990, it's still fun imagining what such a movie might have been like...and who might have starred in it. This is exactly the exercise undertaken by an unknown artist and posted by Redditor WimpyKelv12 in a new fan poster for the Infinity War we never got but perhaps wish we had. See below the artist's take on The Infinity War 1990, featuring a galaxy of stars who ruled the world 28 years ago. The pictured cast rundown goes like this: Michael Jackson as Star-Lord, Blair Underwood as Black Panther, Tom Berenger as Iron Man, Michael J. Fox as Spider-Man, Michelle Pfeiffer as Black Widow, Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk (naturally), Vanity as Gamora, Mel Gibson as Thor, and David Bowie as Doctor Strange.

Infinity War 1990 poster.

The poster also lists a bunch of actors whose characters are not named. From previous works by the same artist, we know Carl Weathers plays the voice of Rocket Raccoon, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Drax and Grace Jones plays Nebula. A previous Civil War poster also clues us in that Sam J. Jones of Flash Gordon fame is Captain America, Michael Biehn is Bucky Barnes, Ricco Ross is Falcon, Delroy Lindo is War Machine, Daphne Zuniga is Scarlet Witch, Don Harvey is Hawkeye (who apparently is not under house arrest in this version of Infinity War) and Lance Henriksen is Vision. This leaves us guessing on Julian Sands, Yu Wang and Theresa Randle. Noted bad guy actor Frank Langella plays Thanos despite being nowhere near as chin-heavy as Josh Brolin.

Equally as intriguing as the cast list is the crew the artist has assembled to take on creating the hypothetical film. For director, he's chosen Michael Ritchie, a versatile filmmaker probably best known today for directing the Chevy Chase movie Fletch. Ritchie doesn't leap out at you as an obvious choice to direct a massive superhero movie, but then again, the Russo Brothers didn't necessarily fit that bill either back when they were known for directing episodes of sitcoms like Community and Arrested Development.

More interestingly, the artist thinks Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller would have co-written the Infinity War 1990 script. Not a huge stretch as, of course, Miller was once involved in developing a Justice League movie that never came to fruition. However, the artist doesn't stop there when it comes to famous filmmakers named George. For the real whopper, he lists George Lucas alongside Miller and Beverly Hills Cop II producer Richard Tienken as executive producers. Here's where the speculation goes somewhat off the rails. One could perhaps imagine a version of Avengers: Infinity War starring folks like Michael Jackson, Michael J. Fox and David Bowie. But George Miller and George Lucas, two of the more fiercely independent-minded filmmakers of our time, peacefully co-existing on the same production? That is indeed a stretch.

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Source: WimpyKelv12/Reddit

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