Infinity War Gets A Fan-Made The Leftovers Theme Song Remix

[The following contains spoilers for The Avengers: Infinity War]

Avengers: Infinity War gets a Leftovers-inspired theme song remix in a very appropriate, spoiler-filled video. Before the release of Avengers: Infinity War, fans were implored not to reveal any spoilers from the film. And now we know why Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel were so adamant about everyone keeping the movie's plot a secret. They had emotionally devastating developments in store for fans of the MCU.

As the millions who've seen the movie now know, a lot of beloved MCU characters met their end in Infinity War, most being turned to dust with a snap of Thanos' Infinity Stones-armed fingers. And if that crushing finale featuring numerous characters suddenly vanishing into thin air seems familiar, then you might just be a fan of HBO's The Leftovers. On the show created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, a small percentage of the world's population mysteriously disappeared as if with a snap of Thanos' fingers, leaving the survivors behind to deal with their shock and grief.

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As it turns out, the folks at Nerdist also noticed the similarity between Infinity War and The Leftovers, and created a theme song remix that brings together the worlds of Marvel and Damon Lindelof. As devastating as the ending of Infinity War already was, it takes on a whole extra level of poignancy thanks to the new theme song, based on Iris Dement's achingly wistful tune "Let the Mystery Be," which graced the opening credits of The Leftovers season 2. See the video below (warning: it spoils every death in Infinity War):

While remembering all the many deaths Thanos brought about in Infinity War, the video also asks a lot of the same questions fans have been asking about the future of the series. Naturally, there has been speculation about Avengers 4 undoing most of the damage done by Thanos. After all, they wouldn't really kill Peter Parker after giving him just one hugely successful solo movie, would they? They also wouldn't really do away with Black Panther after his standalone movie rocked the box office in record breaking fashion, and wouldn't really kill off Star-Lord with so many more Guardians of the Galaxy movies left to be made.

Nerdist guesses - as many others have done - that somehow in the next movie the remaining Avengers will get their hands on the Infinity Stones and use them to defeat Thanos, and also restore order to the MCU. Certainly, some kind of definitive resolution is in store for the next movie. A TV show like The Leftovers can get away with stringing fans along for three seasons, getting weirder and weirder as it goes, and leaving much ultimately unresolved. But when it comes to comic book movies like Avengers: Infinity War, you can't just let the mystery be.

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 Source: Nerdist

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