Avengers: Infinity War's Most Improved Characters

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War


After 18 movies over the course of 10 years, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War has managed to be not only an incredibly entertaining (and depressing) movie, but one that improves on some of the characters we have already come to know and love. That's an impressive feat especially considering the sheer number of characters featured in the film. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo prove they can not only handle all of these heroes, but expand on their stories the way the solo films could not.

Fans have already spent at least two movies, if not more, with most of the characters featured in Infinity War. The connection to their story already runs deep. For those who have been with the MCU from the very beginning, Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man has been part of the pop culture lexicon since 2008. You would think after eight years of playing the same character it would get old, but Infinity War proves that Downey has never been better. And he's not the only one who gets the chance to shine in the ensemble film. Thor, Gamora, and even the Mad Titan himself are all better in Infinity War than they've ever been.

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Not every character in Infinity War gets their own arc. In fact, several notable Avengers are missing from the film completely. Some heroes, like Captain America and Black Widow, get very little to do (or say). However, the characters the film does focus on get storylines that move them into new directions, something that even their solo films don't always accomplish.


Thor in Star Forge in Avengers Infinity War

After Thor: Ragnarok, it's hard to imagine how the God of Thunder could get any better. The third film showcased the character's heart, powers, and sense of humor in a franchise that had always seemed to be lacking. But it is in Infinity War where Thor really gets to grow as a character. He is not only the clear hero of the film, but also the strongest Avenger. From meeting the Guardians to his mission to Nidavellir to forge Stormbreaker, Thor has some of the funniest moments in the film as well as some of the most important.

To create the weapon to replace his mighty hammer, Thor must undertake a dangerous journey with his new friends. This weapon is the only thing that can help his team come close to beating Thanos and Thor is willing to put himself in danger to do so. He exposes himself to the heat of a star just long enough to heat Eitri's forge and almost dies in the process. He selflessness pays off, his weapon, Stormbreaker, changes the tide in the Battle of Wakanda. Things are looking pretty bad for our heroes until Thor shows up. With his new axe by his side, he is able to make quick work of the bad guys.

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It is not just Thor's importance to the fight with Thanos, but his emotional journey that makes him a candidate for most improved character. The Thor seen in Ragnarok and Infinity War has come a long way from the spoiled prince from the first Thor film who was not worthy to wield his hammer. He has become a true leader. He is willing to sacrifice himself without hesitation. His mission is not solely one of revenge, although that is a motivating factor, but one of wanting to protect the universe - something he could not do for his own people. Despite the humor, there is a weight to Chris Hemsworth's performance and a recognition of just what Thor has lost to become this mighty warrior with nothing left to lose.

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