Infinity War: Marvel Fan Constructs Thor's Stormbreaker Axe

Hacksmith Stormbreaker Infinity War

You don't need to be Eitri the dwarf forging in the fires of Nidavellir to make a weapon worthy of Thor - you just need to be a really big Marvel fan (and also have your own smithing workshop). After legendary weapon Stormbreaker made its debut in Avengers: Infinity War, James Hobson a.k.a. The Hacksmith decided to make one for himself.

Wielded by Beta Ray Bill in the comics, Stormbreaker is a mighty axe that's capable of harming even a powerful being like Thanos. Thor's old weapon, Mjolnir, was destroyed during the events of Thor: Ragnarok, so his main story arc in Infinity War involved forging a new weapon to use in the fight. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to stop the Titan (mainly because Thor forgot to aim for the head), but it's still an impressive weapon.

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The Hacksmith, who previously made a working Captain America shield including the electromagnetic gauntlet, has now turned his ambitions towards building Stormbreaker. The YouTuber uploaded Part 1 of Stormbreaker's construction, which explains how the blade was made and shows Hobson having a go at wielding it (with mixed success). He even recreates the scene where Groot uses his arm to create a handle for the axe.

In the video, Hobson and his team use a machine to cut out the steel pieces needed to construct the blade. The pieces are then welded together, and the edge of the blade is sharpened using an angle grinder. Eventually the electromagnetic gauntlet for Captain America's shield comes into play, as Hobson uses it to attach Stormbreaker's blade to his arm Groot-style, before asking one of his colleagues to do the honor of chopping off his arm. Needless to say, you probably shouldn't try any of this at home.

After completing work on the blade and starting work on the hammer part of Stormbreaker, Hobson has put almost 100 hours into making Thor's mighty weapon. The Hacksmith also made a realistic version of Thor's previous weapon, Mjolnir, which was filled with lead and weighed a staggering 73lbs. You don't need to be worthy to wield it, but you do need considerable upper body strength.

After seeing the first part of Stormbreaker in action, we're definitely interested to see how the rest of the weapon turns out. You can follow The Hacksmith's progress on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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