Mark Ruffalo Spoiled Avengers: Infinity War's Ending A Year Ago

Mark Ruffalo and Avengers Infinity War

Mark Ruffalo actually revealed the cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War a year ago - yet somehow got away with it. The reality is that Marvel actors aren't always great when it comes to keeping secrets. The most infamous is Tom Holland, who's well-known for slipping up time and again. As a result, he wasn't allowed to read the full script for Avengers: Infinity War. When Holland accidentally took his personal script home, he shared a video of him burning it on social media in the hopes it would stop the film's producers panicking.

But Mark Ruffalo seems to be getting a bad reputation for spoilers, too. He accidentally (and hilariously) live-streamed part of the world premiere of Thor: Ragnarok last year. Ruffalo took out his phone to capture the welcome reception, forgot to turn off the Instagram Live app, and gave his amused followers an unexpected treat.

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It seems 2017 was a bad year for Ruffalo and spoilers. Back in July 2017, he got a bit carried away in one interview and let slip some major spoilers: in an interview with Good Morning America at D23, he told the interviewer unprompted that "everybody dies" at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

First up, Ruffalo was dangerously close to dropping major spoilers about the ending of Thor: Ragnarok. The conversation had shifted towards the end scenes and the idea that the heroes triumph at a cost; in Ragnarok, the cost was literally the destruction of the entire Realm of Asgard. The conversation was veering in an ominous direction, much to the discomfort of Don Cheadle, who was also present. When the interviewer commented that someone typically bites it in MCU films, he commented: "Wait till you see this next one, ha --- everybody dies!" For anyone who's watched Infinity War, it will be pretty obvious what Ruffalo was about to say. "Half the universe dies." Ruffalo cut himself off partway, but not without giving up the big twist.

The gaffe was made more damaging - and amusing - by Cheadle's reaction. He didn't seem particularly happy with Ruffalo's discussion of Ragnarok in the first place - "I wouldn't say too much, he cautioned, "but hey, it's your movie" - but when Ruffalo veered on to Infinity War, the actor intervened far more strongly. "Dude," he interrupted, and the two actors traded an awkward glance: they both instinctively knew what had happened, leading to Ruffalo wondering how big a PR nightmare he'd created. Ruffalo keep glancing off-screen and begins to panic, but eventually, the interviewer managed to get things back on track.

To be fair to Ruffalo, this is the danger any actor faces on a high-profile film. On the one hand, the actor is under pressure to say something meaningful and newsworthy. They're also probably exhausted from months of filming; in Ruffalo's case, he was literally going from filming Avengers: Infinity War, to promoting Thor: Ragnarok, and then probably back to more filming for Avengers 4.

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That this didn't get much traction despite being released on YouTube by GMA, and that those who did see it thought it was a practical joke by the actors, is no doubt a relief for Marvel. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most secretive films ever, so having its shocking ending known would have definitely hurt opening weekend.

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