Leaked Infinity War Footage Teases Drax vs. Thanos Fight [UPDATED]

UPDATE: We have removed the link to the footage at the request of the studio. The original article follows


Leaked footage of a scene from Avengers: Infinity War teases a showdown between Drax and Thanos, which certainly won't go well for the former. Marvel Studios finally gave the general public their first official look at the highly-anticipated sequel last month with a trailer that set the stage for a high-stakes battle against the Mad Titan. Among the many selling points the blockbuster boasts is the fact that it brings together just about every living hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making this a one-of-a-kind cinematic event.

In addition to Earth's Mightiest, the Guardians of the Galaxy will be lending a hand in the conflict. The cosmic team is just as recognizable as Iron Man and Captain America following a pair of well-received hits, and now they're about to join forces with the Avengers (something viewers have waited a long time to see). As fun as this crossover is, things won't be a walk in the park for everyone involved - especially Drax.

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Coming courtesy of Reddit user TheHighGround123 on the Marvel Studios subreddit is a look at a scene from Infinity War in which Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax sneak around the Collector's lair. Thanos is there as well, interrogating the Collector about the location of the Reality Stone, which the Collector claims to have sold. Hiding out of sight, Drax risks spoiling the Guardians' element of surprise when he proclaims this is the day Thanos pays for killing his family and starts walking towards his enemy - despite the pleas of his friends.

As fans of the MCU know, it's revealed in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie Thanos killed Drax's wife and daughter, and Drax has been seeking his revenge ever since. With the Mad Titan serving as the primary villain in Infinity War, this film would be a golden opportunity to depict that fight, although Drax probably doesn't stand much of a chance against Thanos alone. The filmmakers haven't minced words about Infinity War's potential body count, so perhaps this scene could see the death of Drax. Though James Gunn is working on the script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, no cast members have been revealed yet. There are also rumors circulating online about Dave Bautista returning to WWE, which could impact his blossoming acting career. If Bautista is back in the ring, he may not have the availability to film a major tentpole. This has fueled speculation Drax will be one of the Infinity War casualties.

That being said, nothing is officially confirmed at this time. There's no telling how the leaked scene plays out, as the video ends before Drax and Thanos come to blows. Perhaps the Guardians make a quick getaway and all live to see another day. However, it's worth keeping in mind viewers will realize how dangerous Thanos is early on in Infinity War, so he doesn't seem like an antagonist that will let his foes escape easily. If he is to rectify the MCU's longstanding villain problem and be an opponent worthy of facing all the known heroes in the universe, then fans may have to say some tough goodbyes. Drax, who has become an audience favorite thanks to his comedic timing and literal sensibilities, would certainly make viewers quite emotional if he dies.

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Source: TheHighGround123

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