Infinity War Directors Reveal Exclusive Details & Spoilers in 2 Hour Q&A

The Russo Brothers share some interesting behind-the-scenes details and spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War at a screening and Q&A.

Russo Brothers MCU Infinity Stones

Co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo have revealed details and spoilers from the making of Avengers: Infinity War in a recent Q&A. The epic Marvel Cinematic Universe team-up brings together the most important characters from the MCU to defeat Thanos, the Mad Titan who believes that half the universe should be eliminated for the sake of balance.

Prior to the film's release, there was much speculation as to who would be involved in the battle, where the final Infinity Stone, the Soul Stone, was located, and much more. However, even though these questions have been answered, many more were created. Now, though these answers won't come until May 2019, when the untitled Avengers 4 film lands in theaters, the Russo Brothers revealed some new information to fans at a recent screening and Q&A for Avengers: Infinity War. 

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Following the screening of Avengers: Infinity War at Hollywood's ArcLight theater, Joe and Anthony Russo sat down with Collider to answer questions about the movie. Though they explicitly refused to answer any questions regarding Avengers 4, they did discuss the separation of the third and fourth Avengers movies, which were originally billed as Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2. Anthony noted that the thought from the get-go was that these two films would obviously share a lot of elements, but they discovered prior to filming that it was hard to keep them together due to their complex nature. Getting into the overall tone of Avengers: Infinity War, Joe detailed how they cut the movie down in order to balance all of the characters involved. That said, he noted that very little was left on the cutting room floor in the end.

Continuity is a major thing in the Marvel Universe, and the Russo brothers were happy to address it. One audience member asked about Thor's new weapon, Stormbreaker.  Joe noted that this weapon was an unknown surprise for Thanos, reminding the audience that Stormbreaker and the Gauntlet were by made by Eitri (Peter Dinklage), allowing it to counteract the Gauntlet's abilities, despite it being powered by the Infinity Stones.

The Q&A also included discussion about the location of the Soul Stone, and how it was one of the greatest mysteries leading up to the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Joe explained that this was the last piece of the puzzle for them as well in the writing process, and when they decided that the film was to revolve around Thanos and his journey, they had to come up with a pivotal way to make it "the lowest point" for the Mad Titan. This led to some clarification surrounding Red Skull, how he learned the rules of Infinity Stones, and how the film's screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely - who also co-wrote Captain America: The First Avenger - pushed for his return.

At the end of the film, Thanos held off Hulk, which was a point of contention for some. Hulk is, arguably, the strongest of the Avengers, though he (and Bruce Banner) went through a bit of a difficult journey in the film. The moderator asked, "Was Thanos only able to beat Hulk because he had the power stone?" Joe debunked this, saying that despite his obvious brute strength, Hulk isn't exactly the most tactical fighter, and Thanos' intelligence gave him the leg up. Finally, it wouldn't be a Marvel panel without a discussion about improvisation. The scene where Thor meets the Guardians is full of humor, especially when Peter Quill lowers his voice to try and match the God of Thunder's. Joe thought that Pratt may have come up with the idea to do that, but Anthony was certain that it was in the script.

There is a lot more to take in from the Q&A, including a lot of good information. The Russos have clearly shown that they were up to the task of taking on the two films, perhaps indicating that in the future, these kinds of big team-ups may be best handled by a team rather than a solo director, the way Joss Whedon did. Regardless of what the future looks like for the Russos within the MCU, it looks like audiences are in for an exciting ride when Avengers 4 lands in theaters.

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Source: Collider

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