Infinity War Cut Scene Exploring Iron Man's Civil War Conflict

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo talk about a deleted scene of Tony Stark thinking about calling Steve Rogers in his home.

Iron Man in Captain America Civil War

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo talk about an Avengers: Infinity War scene featuring Tony Stark/Iron Man in his home contemplating on calling Steve Rogers/Captain America. It had been two years since the events of Captain America: Civil War when Thanos and his minions attacked Earth in the hopes of retrieving two Infinity Stones - the Mind Stone which was with Vision, and the Time Stone kept by Doctor Strange. Despite putting up a gallant fight, Earth's Mightiest Heroes suffered their first real loss as they failed to foil the Mad Titan's plans of galactic genocide.

There were a lot of elements that contributed to the heroes' losing, but Stark and Rogers' split which led to the Avengers breaking up was perhaps one of the most blatant. The latter, alongside Black Widow and Falcon, operated underground, becoming the MCU's version of the Secret Avengers. Meanwhile, the former devoted the last two years by continuing to improve on his tech in case another attack on Earth took place, as well as mentoring Peter Parker/Spider-Man on the side. Scattered around the world without any form of communication left Earth at its most vulnerable state. But as it turns out, Stark had been constantly thinking of patching things up with the super soldier even before Thanos' threat became clear.

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The directing duo attended a Q&A session after a special screening of Infinity War hosted by Collider where Peter Sciretta from /Film was in attendance and shared what the Russos said during the panel. Among the slew of things they talked about is a particular deleted scene shot during additional photography that features Stark in his house fidgeting Rogers' flip phone until Pepper Potts comes home. This highlights Tony's continued conflict with regard to whether or not he's ready to patch things up with his friend after he broke his trust two years after he found out that he intentionally lied to him about Bucky killing the Starks.

Early drafts of Infinity War had the two conflicting Avengers meet before the big battle against Thanos. But the Russos and writers Stephen Markus and Stephen McFeely ultimately decided against the idea, opting to save the reunion for next year's ensemble film. Not only would it have taken time away from the Mad Titan, who was clearly the main character of the movie, but it would've also cheapened the repercussions brought about by the events of Civil War. Keeping the two separated - which in turn kept the Earth's Mightiest Heroes disassembled - drove the point that the only way they can beat the intergalactic villain is if they set aside their differences and work together for a common goal.

With the imminent return of Clint Barton/Hawkeye from his retirement (and assuming his new persona as Ronin) after sitting Avengers: Infinity War out, the stage is all set for the reassembly of MCU's six original heroes. Thor has rejoined Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk in Wakanda, and while it's still unclear how Stark will make his way back to Earth being left trapped in Titan with Nebula, he'll eventually convene with his other Avengers pals - including Rogers. Regardless on how the Russos will play out their reunion and reconciliation, it goes without saying that it will be one of the most emotional parts of Avengers 4 considering that the mission at hand is highly rumored to be the last for both heroes.

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Source: Joe and Anthony Russo (via Peter Sciretta)

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