Infinity War's Captain Marvel Easter Egg Is An Optical Illusion

Cull Obsidian and Captain Marvel

A much-discussed Captain Marvel Easter egg recently discovered in Avengers: Infinity War may just be an optical illusion. Brie Larson's Carol Danvers is set to make her debut in next year's Captain Marvel before coming to the rescue of the half-dusted heroes in Avengers 4, and so naturally fans are excited for any clues they can find.

This triumphant entrance was teased in Avengers: Infinity War's post-credits scene, where Nick Fury sent a space-pager message out through space (and possibly time) to the superhero he knew from the 1990s. The connection was rather simple, given Captain Marvel's recognizable logo appearing on the pager, but another recently-spotted Easter egg nodding to the character is a little more complex.

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The release of Avengers: Infinity War on home video has brought with a wealth of new information and observations about the monster hit. One of the biggest has been that Cull Obsidian, the hulking member of Thanos' Black Order (renamed from the comics' Black Dwarf), appears to have some cloth dangling from his waist in the exact same color scheme and design as Captain Marvel's costume. It's a connection as sly as it is striking, but it's also not actually real.

Cull Obsidian's Colors Don't Match Captain Marvel

Cull Obsidian and Maw in Avengers Infinity War

It may seem surprising that it's taken this long for Cull Obsidian's Captain Marvel connection to be noticed; Avengers: Infinity War released in late-April and made over $2 billion worldwide, yet only now has the detail come to light. And that's because it's all a trick of the light.

While the images haven't been doctored, they are a result of the muted lighting of the New York City showdown making Cull Obsidian look a different color to what he is. Promotional art and merchandise for the character reveal the truth: that the cloth - and indeed everything about his body that appears to be red - is presented as orange. This means that, at the very least, it's not in Captain Marvel's colors.

However, the design of the markings - with two bold colors separated by a dual golden line - is still heavily evocative of Captain Marvel and thus worthy of further discussion.

Could The Cloth Link Cull Obsidian To The Kree?

To say that Cull Obsidian has part of Captain Marvel's costume may be a step too far, but it's worth reminding that her costume isn't totally random in design. Carol Danvers gets her powers from Kree warrior Mar-Vell and her costumes across various alter egos - Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and finally Captain Marvel - have typically taken inspiration from him; her latest comic iteration, which the movie is expected to follow, is a meld of his Kree style and her Earth-based airforce outfit.

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Set photos for Captain Marvel have further revealed a green version of her suit, based on comic lore possibly an authentic Kree uniform which will make way for the expected blue-red-and-gold. This tells us that the Kree of the MCU (who have been heavily explored in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but only minimally on the big screen) have various color schemes. As such, the design of Cull Obsidian's cloth may instead be evoking the Kree in general; it's totally possible one warrior wore orange-and-blue - possibly even Mar-Vell himself - and ran afoul of one of Thanos' children.

That is, of course, just speculation and it's just as likely that, like the coloring, the design too is random and unrelated to any other Marvel character. For now, don't expect any great connection between Cull Obsidian and Captain Marvel; Terry Notary, who played the character in Avengers: Infinity War, hasn't been linked to the prequel debut, and his character is already dead ahead of her Avengers 4 appearance.

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