Infinity War Gives THOR Director an Asgardian Cameo?

WARNING: This article contains minor SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War

With Avengers: Infinity War making Thor a true powerhouse in the MCU, it's only right that his first director should get a cameo to see it for himself. That's right, it looks like Kenneth Branagh has landed a tiny role in the event film almost seven years after he directed Thor (2011). Well, actually... it sounds like Branagh has a cameo to catch.

Audiences will need to use their ears to spot Branagh, and not their eyes. That may be a bit more challenging for those already searching for every Infinity War Easter Egg, but it's more than worth it. Because the Russo Brothers didn't just include the director in their universe-altering fun - they made him a surviving member of the Asgard he created.

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While Branagh is not officially a member of the cast, fans won't have a difficult time locating the cameo. That being said, making this confirmation official may be tricky, since it's actually Branagh's voice that is hidden in Infinity War. His is the first one audiences will hear once the company credits conclude, as the Asgardian making a distress call following their ship's run-in with Thanos.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer - Black Order

The first trailers for the movie showed that Ragnarok's ending was the start of Infinity War, dealing a serious blow to Thor and what remains of Asgard. But before their ship, the massive "Statesman" commandeered from Grandmaster is totally destroyed, they plead with their attackers not to do what they've come for:

"This is the Asgardian refugee vessel Statesman...We are under assault. I repeat, we are under assault. Engines are dead. Life support failing. Requesting aid from any vessel within range...Our crew is made up of Asgardian families, we have very few soldiers here. This is not a warcraft. I repeat, this is NOT a warcraft."

That transmission is cut off by explosions and a jump forward, to long after Thor, Loki, and Heimdall have been defeated. Since Branagh isn't listed in the official cast as the man supplying that voice on the radio, we can't say it's him with certainty. But it's a dead ringer for his rather-memorable voice and intonation, and it wouldn't be a surprise for him to leap at the chance to get back into a Marvel production.

Not every director of a Marvel film has left entirely pleased with the experience - and not every Marvel actor enjoyed their role, either - but Branagh isn't listed in that group. When asked before the film released in theaters, Kenneth Branagh voiced excitement for Thor: Ragnarok, and an eagerness to see what director Taika Waititi would deliver. Compared to the pressure that the first Thor was facing in the early MCURagnarok amounted to a fun-first, madcap adventure.

This cameo by Branagh, as it appears to be, may not share the same level of fun as the movie that preceded it. But then, we suppose it's fitting for Marvel to decide that half of Asgard must be lost... and call on the man who created this version to be involved.


Let us know what you think after hearing the scene, and if it's as certifiable a came as we think!

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