Infinity War Blu-Ray Release Date Confirmed by 4K Exclusive Boxset

The home release date of Avengers: Infinity War has been confirmed, due to product information on Best Buy and Target exclusive 4K releases. It seems the film will be available for purchase August 14, 2018.

Infinity War is proving to be Marvel's latest blockbuster hit, but viewers are already wondering when they'll be able to watch it from the comfort of their own homes. Fans can already pre-order the movie on Amazon, iTunes, Microsoft, and Vudu, and earlier today Marvel announced that the digital release would be on July 31. That strongly suggested a Blu-Ray / DVD release in mid-August, as a two-week gap between digital and home release has become standard across the industry.

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Promotional information for Best Buy and Target exclusives (revealed on the Marvel Studios Reddit) has confirmed the film's home release date will be August 14, exactly two weeks after the digital release. Both companies are offering exclusive 4K versions, and they're sure to be a must-buy for many viewers. The Target 4k exclusive edition includes a 40-page "filmmaker gallery book," filled with behind-the-scenes information. It retails for $32.99, but REDcard holders can pre-order a bundle also including an Iron Man Funko POP! for $41.99.

In contrast, the Best Buy Infinity War 4K exclusive will retail at $34.99, and features a Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years disc to take viewers behind the scenes. The cover is absolutely beautiful, putting Thanos front and center - entirely appropriate, given the Mad Titan is essentially the star of the film. Infinity War is essentially a twisted hero's journey, starring the villain as he attempts to achieve his insane goal of "rebalancing the universe."

With Marvel now releasing three films a year, viewers have noted that the next film has tended to hit the cinemas before the last one is available for home release. That was true for Black Panther, which was actually still showing at some cinemas when Infinity War was released, and it will now be true for Infinity WarAnt-Man & the Wasp will have been out for well over a month before the home release of Infinity War. While that's a problem for anyone who likes to binge-watch the entire MCU before watching the next film, it's frankly a delightful problem to have, demonstrating the speed and quality of Marvel's output.

In the meantime, if viewers want to rewatch Infinity War, they'll simply have to head back to the theater. The film broke Black Panther's presale record, and had the highest-grossing Saturday of all time in its opening weekend. The release of Deadpool 2 this week will have put a dent in the movie's box office performance, and Solo: A Star Wars Story is expected to perform well against Infinity War next week. Still, the movie has already grossed over $1.7 billion worldwide, making it Marvel's best performing film at the global box office to date.

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