Every Hero In Avengers: Infinity War, Ranked Worst To Best

Avengers Infinity War Characters

Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War ahead

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just had its biggest event yet, as almost every character from the MCU came together in Avengers: Infinity War to try and stop Thanos. There were some notable heroes absent, but for the most part every major MCU hero was along for the ride. With so many characters packed together though, its easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. There are quite a few supporting characters from other movies included who only get a few minutes of screen time. On the flip side, a handful of characters come out of Infinity War as the true stars.

All in all, there are26 heroes that make up Avengers: Infinity War. The group consists of the original Avengers (minus Hawkeye), the newer Avengers, the "Secret" Avengers, the MCU's newest franchise leads, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy stop by. Every single one of them finds a spot in the film's lengthy runtime, and it's time to figure out where they rank when compared to their co-stars.

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26. Wong

Wong was never expected to have a major role in Infinity War, but even then he exits earlier than most would've expected. He is almost immediately brought into battle with Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, and shows his worth. He's even responsible for helping Strange perform a spell that causes Maw's own plan to backfire. After that, though, Wong simply decides to stay in New York at the Sanctum Sanctorum. His rationale makes some sense (Doctor Strange has left and it needs protection), but the universe is also at stake and he's well aware of that. Since he and Strange largely focus on protecting their reality, the threat of all six Infinity Stones being hunted down should've been something he'd look to stop.

25. Hulk

Bruce Banner Hulk next to Hulkbuster Gauntlet in Avengers Infinity War

Hulk comes in smashing with Infinity War, but then quickly goes away. Following an epic brawl with Thanos, Hulk comes to realize just who exactly he challenged. The Mad Titan picks him apart with ease, throwing Hulk around as if he's barely a problem. From that point on, Hulk is scared to rejoin the fight. He only gets one standout moment in the movie, and definitely could have been a game-changer in Wakanda. His decision to hide really hurts the characters around him, even if it gives Mark Ruffalo more to do as Bruce Banner - who has a much better presence than his angry counterpart.

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24. Loki

Tom Hiddleston's apparent last hurrah as Loki goes by quickly. He barely qualifies as a hero to begin with, but he's certainly come a long way since Thor. Loki finally doesn't betray Thor and actually saves his life by giving up the Tesseract a.k.a. Space Stone. Keeping Asgard's new king alive is a big deal considering the part he plays in the story, so he gets a few good points that way. But, he tries to weasel his way back in favor with the Mad Titan and attempt to kill him only to be brutally murdered. Not the greatest final plan from the god of mischief.

23. Nebula

Karen Gillan as Nebula in Avengers Infinity War

Nebula isn't even part of the story until half-way through, and then is treated more as a plot device than an actual character. Thanos explains she's been trapped on his ship for a while after she attempted to kill him after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Instead of getting real advancements for the character, she's relegated to being used to show how Thanos knows that Gamora found the location of the Soul Stone. Her robotic memory had recorded a conversation and was accessed by Thanos. She's then tortured to manipulate Gamora into agreeing to show their father where the stone is located. She does try and help stop Thanos, but she's not particularly helpful.

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