What To Expect From Infinity Train Season 2

Infinity Train season 1 poster for five-night event on Cartoon Network

Here's everything to know about Infinity Train season 2 for those that watched season 1, from its release date on Cartoon Network to story details. Cartoon Network has been the home of beloved animated TV programming for decades and, while much of their lineup is aimed at younger audiences, certain series have also garnered adult fans, like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. One of the latest programs to premiere on Cartoon Network is Infinity Train, created by Owen Dennis.

Infinity Train tells the story of Tulip (Ashley Johnson), who runs away from home when a scheduling issue between her newly divorced parents prevents her from going to game-design camp. She winds up on a mysterious train with different worlds in each car and a glowing green number on her hand. Through the 10-episode first season, Tulip must uncover the secrets of the train and its conductor in order to find a way home. Thankfully, she has allies on her side: robot companion One-One - who consists of two robots put together, Glad-One (Jeremy Crutchley) and Sad-One (Dennis) - and the talking corgi king Atticus (Ernie Hudson).

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Although a short pilot premiered in 2016, the full Infinity Train season 1 didn't debut on Cartoon Network until Aug. 5, with all 10 episodes airing over the course of five nights, concluding on Aug. 9. Now, for fans wondering what's next for Tulip, One-One, Atticus and the other passengers on the train, here's what to expect from Infinity Train season 2.

Cartoon Network Has Renewed Infinity Train For Season 2

Tulip and One-One in Infinity Train season 1 episode 'The Grid Car'

The day after season 1 concluded, Cartoon Network teased more episodes of Infinity Train are coming with a video posted on Twitter featuring the train and One-One (the video also includes spoilers for the season 1 finale, so viewers shouldn't watch it until they've finished watching season 1). As such, it seems Cartoon Network has renewed Infinity Train for season 2, which makes sense given how positively fans have responded to season 1.

When Will Infinity Train Season 2 Release?

Tulip and the Steward in Infinity Train season 1 episode 'The Corgi Car'

In terms of when Infinity Train season 2 may premiere on Cartoon Network, though, that's a little trickier to determine. It depends on whether Dennis and his creative team have already begun work on new episodes and, if so, how long they'll take to complete. Further, since it seems the Infinity Train five-night event was successful for the network, they may do the same release format again, which means all the episodes would need to be finished before season 2 could release. Since Cartoon Network doesn't follow a typical Fall-Spring season schedule, it's unclear when Infinity Train season 2 will premiere - it could be as soon as before the end of 2019 or a year from now.

What Will The Infinity Train Season 2 Story Be About?

The train in Infinity Train.

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for the Infinity Train season 1 finale.

The Infinity Train season 1 finale effectively wraps up the storyline of Tulip, with her working through the trauma of her parents' divorce and getting her number down to zero. As such, it's unclear if Tulip will continue to be the protagonist of season 2. Future Infinity Train episodes could instead focus on a different character who gets trapped on the train. Or, if Dennis wants to continue the story of Tulip, perhaps she returns to the train to help someone - Amelia, One-One or a friend who gets taken by the train.

If the Cartoon Network Infinity Train season 2 announcement video is anything to go by, though, it seems the focus may shift to One-One as the returning conductor of the train. The robot had been ousted by Amelia, a grief-stricken woman who took control of the train in an effort to build a car that recreated the life she'd lost when her husband died. However, Tulip restored One-One as the conductor, so perhaps season 2 will further explore what that means for the train and its passengers. Already, fans have a number of theories about the train - including how it decides who it chooses as passengers and the true motivation of the train. But fans will have to wait and see what Infinity Train season 2 has in store to learn more about this world.

No matter who's the protagonist of Infinity Train season 2, whether Tulip returns or a new character takes the lead, fans are no doubt eager to see more from this Cartoon Network TV show.

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