Marvel's Last Infinity Stone is Hiding in Plain Sight

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok


Marvel fans have been searching for the MCU's final Infinity Stone, but Thor: Ragnarok may reveal that it's been staring them in the eye since the beginning. The mysterious Soul Stone - the only cosmic gem still shrouded in mystery - is set to be revealed in Ragnarok, directly launching the larger Infinity War the entire MCU has been building toward. Most casual fans expect it to be the weapon used by Ragnarok's villain Hela, but based on the evidence and clues, the true story of the MCU's Soul Stone may have die-hard fans kicking themselves for years to come.

Before getting into exactly how an Infinity Stone explains Hela's powers, the footage shown in Thor: Ragnarok's trailers may reveal far more about her defeat, her return, and her ultimate goal. The heavily stylized shots of Hela in all her mythic glory, doing battle in slow motion with the Valkyrie is an obvious enough flashback (or some variation thereof). But aside from those shots, it's telling that more than one version of Cate Blanchett's villain will appear in the film.

One of those versions seems more befitting an ancient villain who has recently escaped her prison - and is a far cry from the glorious, fearsome Goddess of Death she used to be. But put the clues together, and fans will see where her powers originated, who took them in the distant past... and who she kills to get them back.

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Needless to say, there may be SPOILERS ahead, should our theory prove true.

Hela is Introduced Without Her Powers

We're speaking, of course, of the loose-haired, un-helmet-ed Hela shown in the image above. The holes in her clothing and her unkempt appearance beg an explanation... and we've got one. A theory, at least. Especially when you factor in the surroundings and the company she's enjoying in them. That's not Asgard, or even the gladiator planet Sakaar, but a stand-in for New York City. As the trailer also shows, the smile on her face is likely in response to the stunned expression on Thor's, having just thrown his famously unstoppable hammer straight at her - only to see her stop it in its place, before shattering it into pieces.

Where she gets those powers, what has brought Thor to that alley, and why Hela has followed are the obvious questions. And piecing together set photos and other footage of Ragnarok, a firm explanation can be assembled. Especially since she leaves that alley as a brand new woman.

Hela's (Orange-Yellow) Power Over Souls is Restored

The trailers only show what appears to be the final moments of Hela's transformation: the last flickering waves of the yellow-orange energy that has restored her clothing and iconic headdress, clearly delivering a sense of rejuvenation Hela has gone too long without (based on her expression). The same sequence from the trailers shows Thor and Loki being blown away by the disintegration of Mjolnir in this same alley, suggesting that one moment leads to the other. However, we must now ask the questions: what would take place to trigger Thor into hurling his hammer straight at Hela in a New York alley?  Where would Hela have acquired the power to stop it that she didn't have while imprisoned? And why does her subsequent 'makeover' or 'restoration' seem to be caused by the same colored energy as the last concealed Infinity Stone?

Hela's crusade to kill Asgardian soldiers, reclaim her role as the Goddess of Death, and bring about the death of all creation is the kind of job that an Infinity Stone would make possible. And when you look at how the Soul Stone has been used in the comics, it seems a perfect fit. But if Hela has the Infinity Stone when she leaves New York, how did she get it?

The answer is sure to break some MCU hearts...

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