Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Deleted Scene On The Infinity Saga Blu-ray

Marvel Studios' new Infinity Saga box set contains 20 never-before-seen deleted scenes from the MCU. Here's what happens in each scene.

MCU Infinity Box Set Deleted Scenes

Marvel Studios' The Infinity Saga box set provides us with 20 never-before-seen Marvel Cinematic Universe deleted scenes - here's what each one contains. Last year, the studio celebrated the tenth anniversary of the MCU in a few different ways, but year 11 is the one that truly capped off what began in 2008. Avengers: Endgame hit theaters and wrapped up the decade-spanning story, with Spider-Man: Far From Home serving as a fitting prologue.

Through Marvel Studios' 2019 slate, they ended it with the release of the final movie of Phase 3 - their 23rd film overall - and the end of what is now called the Infinity Saga. To commemorate the end of this saga, Marvel Studios confirmed they'd celebrate in style with a massive box set for fans to collect. The limited-edition collectible has all 23 movies on 4K, Blu-Ray, and digital. With a specialty casing, individualized sleeves for the movies, a message from Kevin Feige, autographs from the original six Avengers, and more coming with it as well, the box set was put on many MCU fans' wishlists.

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But, it also came with an exclusive bonus disc that featured MCU deleted scenes that were never released previously. This box set was a limited edition, though, with just over 4000 made and distributed (as of right now at least). That means that not every MCU fan can own one - or was unwilling to pay the lucrative $500 price tag. Without it, the new deleted scenes would remain a mystery, but we've watched them all to provide descriptions of what each one includes.

Iron Man: Nick Fury Mentions Mutants

In a scene that was already released online, the Infinity Saga box set includes an alternate version of Iron Man's post-credits scene that teases the X-Men and Spider-Man. This other version of the scene has Fury mention "gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites, and assorted mutants" as other issues he's been dealing with before Tony Stark revealed he is Iron Man. When Tony asks the stranger standing in his house what exactly they'll be avenging, Fury says, "Whatever the hell we want."

Iron Man 2: Howard Stark's Message To Tony

The next alternate scene in the box set comes from Iron Man 2 as part of the secret video message Howard Stark recorded for Tony. Like the final version in the film, Howard is recording this video in his office for Tony to see at a future date. But, instead of just addressing the future hero of the MCU, he is holding Tony as a child throughout the speech. The dialogue doesn't change much from what is included in Iron Man 2, but the video now ends with Howard telling Tony he loves him and saying he needs to get Tony back to bed.

Thor: Warriors 3 Arrive On Earth

The Warriors Three in Thor

A deleted scene from Thor offers an extended sequence featuring Lady Sif and the Warrior's 3, but it is mostly centered around Volstagg. It comes when they first arrive in New Mexico and shows Volstagg lifting a car to help a kid retrieve a baseball. He then mentions to his fellow Asgardians just how much Earth has changed over the last 1,000 years, and the always hungry Volstagg soon sniffs out a new delicacy. He makes his way to the roof of a nearby building, knocks out two SHIELD agents who were spying on them, and takes one of their Whoppers (showing the MCU's allegiance to Burger King's cheeseburgers during Phase 1) and says they are "exquisite."

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Thor 2: Jane & Thor Say Goodbye

In Thor: The Dark World, one deleted scene shows an entirely new ending for the film. It begins with Thor waking up after being knocked out for three days following the battle with Malekith and Odin (who is really Loki) on Earth with him. Odin says he didn't take Thor back to Asgard yet due to his condition, and he goes on to discuss what Thor sees in Jane, Loki's death, and that Thor can be a better king than himself.

After this conversation, Thor goes to talk to Jane, where she professes her love for him. She says she was ready to die with him a few days ago but cannot live with him in Asgard. Her life's work is on Earth, and Jane feels that she would be of no use in Asgard. Even though Thor believes he's not trapped to one world and is destined to be with Jane, they deduce that maybe fate only brought them together to stop the Convergence. Thor and Odin then head back to Asgard, with Selvig telling Jane she made the right decision and Darcy providing the opposite view. Thor then overlooks the Asgardian army training and says, "Let us begin," as the scene ends.

Avengers 2: Captain Marvel Cameo

One of the most talked-about deleted scenes of the bunch is the original plan for Avengers: Age of Ultron's ending. In comparison to the final scene, this alternate take opens the same way with Captain America and Black Widow entering a hangar at Avengers HQ to see their new team. Falcon and War Machine's introductions remain the same, but that is where the similarities end. Scarlet Witch and Vision now have a joint entrance instead of solo ones, allowing for a stand-in of Captain Marvel to be the final reveal. Her cameo would mark the last addition to the new Avengers roster.

Ant-Man: Hank Pym Panama Mission

These deleted scenes also show how Ant-Man nearly had an extended opening as well. The deleted scene focuses on Hank Pym's resignation from SHIELD in 1987 but with a few changes. When he walks into the office to confront Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Mitchell Carson about a ripoff formula of his Pym Particles, the scene cuts to Hank on a secret mission in Panama. This is where he fights a small army of soldiers to acquire the formula, while the theatrical version of the scene has Hank find it in SHIELD's Defense Labs. Howard tries to get Hank to help SHIELD, but he proceeds to slam Carson's head into the desk twice (not just once) after mentioning Janet. Howard makes one last plea for Hank to share the formula to create an army of Ant-Men but then accepts Hank's resignation after he balks at that idea.

Ant-Man: Suit Up Shenanigans

Another scene from Ant-Man shows several alternates to what Scott Lang does when putting on the Ant-Man suit in his bathroom. The final cut of the movie has Scott put on the suit, step into the bathtub, and shrink down to his ant size, but they almost made this sequence goofier. The deleted scenes show Scott acting like he's riding a motorcycle, do C-3PO and Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver impressions, strike the Heismann pose, play air guitar and drums, and a bit of random dancing.

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Captain America 3: Zemo Gets Hydra Book

Daniel Bruhl as Zemo in Captain America Civil War

With Captain America: Civil War, a new deleted scene shows how Helmut Zemo acquired the Hydra book with the codes to reprogram Winter Soldier. He's seated in a black market auction that he is not supposed to be at, and the next item for sale is a collection of weapons and artifacts for the Winter Soldier, including the red book. Zemo is discovered as an outsider after the bidding begins, but it is too late for everyone else in the room. He puts on a gas mask after a few security guards drop to the floor and takes what he came for as the gas kills (or at least knocks out) everyone in attendance.

Doctor Strange: Wong Bests Stephen In Music Trivia

Benedict Wong Interview - Doctor Strange

A deleted scene from Doctor Strange presents an alternate ending where Wong bests Doctor Strange at a piece of music trivia. They're both in the Sanctum Sanctorum and Wong has finished moving The Ancient One's private collection of books. Wong says his back is aching, prompting Strange to say he'll prescribe him 100 milligrams of "quit your whining" to try and make the stoic sorcerer laugh. It doesn't work and they mention they haven't heard from Mordo in weeks since he left. Wong offers a piece of advice that time is on their side and references how the Rolling Stones sang about it in a song. Strange quickly rattles off how Jerry Ragovoy wrote the song under a pseudonym Norman Meade and that Kai Winding first recorded the song in 1963 before the Rolling Stones. But, Wong provides a fact that Strange does not know: Irma Thomas covered it before them. Wong ends the scene by saying this exchange was "oddly satisfying" as he laughs.

Thor 3: Odin's Original Death Scene

These deleted scenes also show the original plan for Odin's death in Thor: Ragnarok. As we've touched on before, the idea was for Odin to be a hobo in New York and not relocated to Norway. He would pass on his powers as ruler of Asgard to Thor and have final goodbyes with him and Loki. The deleted scene then shows how Hela was originally responsible for killing Odin with one of her daggers.

Thor 3: Korg Taunts Thor

Another deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok shows an exchange between Korg and Thor when the latter is about to get his hair cut. Korg tells the god of thunder that he believes Thor can defeat the current Champion of Sakarr, but then immediately whispers to Meik that he doesn't actually believe this. When Thor tells Korg he can still hear them though, Korg attempts to play it off as though they're talking about something else.

Thor 3: Grandmaster Chases Revengers

In a quick deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok, the movie adds onto the Revengers' fleeing from Sakarr by having Grandmaster personally chase them down. He's flying one of his personalized blue ships with a gold hood ornament of himself at the front (just in case there was any doubt who is behind the controls). Right as he is about to shoot down the Revengers, Bruce Banner slams the breaks on their ship, causing Grandmaster to fly by into a piece of debris. The scene ends with Thor making a joke about Bruce trying to use math to evade Grandmaster and Valkyrie taking over piloting duties.

Black Panther: Ross Talks To Nakia

One Black Panther deleted scene shows a conversation between the two spies, Everett Ross and Nakia. The scene comes after Okoye is mad that T'Challa has decided to give Ross a tour of Wakanda and let him stay in T'Chaka's old office under the watch of Nakia. Once Okoya, T'Challa, and Shuri leave the room, Ross jokes about how it was the right decision to take his cell phone because photos of Wakanda would be great for Twitter. The two then exchange small talk attempting to learn information about the other, where Ross guesses that Nakia broke off the relationship with T'Challa and reveals that he was formerly married.

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Avengers 3: Smart Hulk Transformation

With Avengers: Infinity War, one deleted scene shows a very early version of Smart Hulk's original transformation. The scene takes place when Banner is in the Hulkbuster armor fighting Cull Obsidian in Wakanda and is getting beaten badly. Banner pleads with Hulk to fight, but Hulk refuses and points out that Banner only wants him so he can fight. Hulk thinks Banner really hates him, but Banner says he loves him. When they both decide they want to live and not die, they agree that it would be best to "live and let live." After a final blast to Cull Obsidian, Smart Hulk busts through the armor and attaches a piece of it to Cull to send him flying into Wakanda's shields.

Avengers 3: Black Widow Meets Smart Hulk

Scarlett Johansson Teases Black Widow and Hulk in Infinity War

Another deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War shows what happens shortly after this. Falcon and Black Widow are walking through Wakanda and cross paths with Hulk. Falcon asks Black Widow if she wants to take care of this, and she begins to do their routine from Age of Ultron. But, she is surprised to hear Smart Hulk speaking. Smart Hulk then explains how Banner and Hulk have worked it out to have a manageable state that is close to a best-case scenario. Still shocked by this development, Falcon confirms to Black Widow that he can hear Smart Hulk too.

Avengers 3: Spidey & Mantis Save Guardians

On Titan, another deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War has Spider-Man and Mantis save Nebula, Drax, and Star-Lord. The scene comes after Thanos separated their souls from their bodies. Doctor Strange tells Spider-Man to protect their bodies and bring them to Mantis so she can fix them. Spidey saves Drax first and can't get to Star-Lord before he hits a couple of objects in the air. Mantis attempts to heal Drax but slaps him and calls him stupid for not waking up. She doesn't believe she can save them but tries again, saying, "Don't leave me" as Drax comes back. He tells her to move away because her face is making him sick. Mantis wakes up Nebula and Star-Lord next, and Spider-Man says he isn't to blame for Star-Lord's pain because he's super heavy to carry.

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Ant-Man 2: Hank & Janet Buenos Aires Mission

Ant-Man and the Wasp also has a deleted scene showing young Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne in action during their mission to Buenos Aires in 1987. They're spying on Elias Starr and chase him through the streets after being made. Starr leads them back to his warehouses where his Quantum Tunnel has been built. Hank and Janet suit up to stop him, with Janet getting his plans. But, the tunnel explodes after henchmen fire guns at it. Hank and Janet leave the scene as firefighters find a young Ava Starr as the lone survivor of the explosion.

Ant-Man 2: Janet Saves Hank In The Quantum Realm

Another deleted scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp features Hank and Janet reuniting in a different fashion in the Quantum Realm. The scene comes when Hank is stumbling through the realm and is suddenly attacked by a creature. Suddenly, a mysterious figure emerges that defeats the beast with ease. Janet removes her hood so Hank can see her face again and says, "My Henry, cautious as a hurricane," as the scene ends.

Captain Marvel: Super Intelligence True Form

Captain Marvel Comic Book Accurate Supreme Intelligence

A deleted scene from Captain Marvel, meanwhile, shows plans for Supreme Intelligence's comic accurate form to be revealed. The moment would've come in the finale of the film when Captain Marvel sees the Supreme Intelligence in Mar-Vell's form again. But, after Captain Marvel destroys her inhibitor, she would blast the being back into nearby water. While the human form enters the water, the giant green head form from the comics is what would emerge and tell Carol they aren't done yet.

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Avengers 4: Thor Tries To Kiss Valkyrie

The lone deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame included in the box set shows Thor attempting to kiss Valkyrie. The moment comes during their final scene together where they say goodbye, but this time Thor misreads the mood. After Valkyrie squeezes his arm, Thor leans in to kiss her only to receive a rejection. Valkyrie explains that it was a "good luck squeeze" and not a "kiss me squeeze." After a bit of awkward laughter, Thor says good luck to Valkyrie and taps her on the arm. She says, "No misinterpreting that," and punches him in the arm, leading to more laughter as Thor walks away.

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