Here's Where All the Infinity Stones Currently Are in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has released a guide to the Infinity Stones in preparation for the big 2018 event, Infinity Countdown. As the Infinity Stones have changed hands so many times over the years, it can be hard for fans to keep up with who has what. The purpose of the "Infinity Circuit" is to provide fans with information on the locations of the Stones. The guide will be updated as the story continues to unfold.

Ahead of the release of the biggest MCU movie to date, Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Comics announced Infinity Countdown, a five-part miniseries written by Gerry Duggan that is expected to affect the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy in a big way. The storyline has strong connections to the resurrection of Wolverine and the return of Adam Warlock. The story was originally planned to run in Guardians of the Galaxy but the scale of the event was deemed too massive for a single title.

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Marvel's "Infinity Circuit" is a downloadable guide that explains the powers of each Infinity Stone and recaps previously revealed information about the location of three of the Stones. It also tells us when we'll find out the locations of the remaining three Stones. Subsequent issues of Infinity Countdown will include updated versions of "Infinity Circuit".

Drax the Destroyer, a former member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is the current protector of a giant-sized Power Stone that was being looked after by Star-Lord. It should be noted that Drax was chosen as its protector once before when Adam Warlock made him a member of the Infinity Watch in the 1990s.

The Space Stone, which grants the user the ability to teleport anywhere in the universe, is currently in the possession of Wolverine, whose return to the Marvel Universe will be explained in a separate event. It's unclear what Wolverine intends to do with the Stone, only that he's been spending his time looking for old acquaintances like Spider-Man and Captain America.

Benevolent versions of Thanos and Nebula from an alternate universe acquired the Reality Stone after taking it from Captain Marvel. The Reality Stone allows users to travel between dimensions. It would stand to reason that this means a hero or villain could simply obtain another reality's Infinity Stone, but this tactic won't work, as it's been shown in previous storylines that the Infinity Stones only function in their respective universes.

Marvel is also releasing a number of tie-ins for Infinity Countdown, including Daredevil, Captain Marvel, The Champions, Black Widow, and Darkhawk. The solicits reveal that Daredevil will somehow come across the Mind Stone, and Darkhawk will come in contact with the Power Stone, which means that someone may end up taking it from Drax.

We can only speculate on where the Time Stone and Soul Stone will show up, but according to the guide we'll get the answers in Infinity Countdown: Prime #1. Based on art for the comic, we can infer that Super Skrull, Adam Warlock, Loki, and the Magus will also get involved in the hunt for the Stones. It should be noted that Adam Warlock has a long history with the Soul Stone, a weapon he reluctantly (and accidentally) used to absorb souls. Loki's role was hinted at in Karnilla's vision in Thor #700 when Loki was seen wearing the fully-assembled Infinity Gauntlet.

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Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 releases February 21, followed by Infinity Countdown #1 on March 7.

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