Sony PlayStation on Future inFamous Games: 'Won't Retire Any IPs'

Sony comments on the future of inFamous and also gives development updates on games coming from Sucker Punch and Bend Studio.

inFamous Second Son PS4

Being among the first wave of exclusives for the PlayStation 4, the inFamous series is an important IP for publisher Sony and hardcore PlayStation fans alike. Still, Sony’s push to get main character Cole McGrath to become a pillar for the console alongside Kratos and Nathan Drake has faltered in recent years. Cole was focused on a lot in the marketing of PS All-Stars Battle Royale, but that didn’t lead to much of anything, as he was nowhere to be found in the third inFamous game, Second Son, and was instead replaced by the cocky and brash Delsin Rowe.

Even then, Sony has not given up its pursuit to broaden the limited fan base of inFamous, and future installments are a possibility. Speaking to Kinda Funny Games, the North American head of SCE Worldwide Studios Scott Rohde was asked about the future of the franchise and said the company "is never going to retire an IP." Although Rohde only hinted at inFamous developer Sucker Punch’s next project, in that it was "somewhere in the process," referring to its stage in development.

This insistence to never lay an IP to rest was also echoed by president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, even before the advent of the PlayStation 4. He replied to a question regarding the future of the SOCOM franchise saying, "It’s not done. We never retire any franchise," in an interview with PlayStation Official Magazine UK (via Engadget). Yoshida cited the return of Sly Cooper as an example of the company’s desire to analyze their growing exclusive IP pool.

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4

As inFamous: Second Son is the fastest selling game in the franchise, with 1 million copies sold in 9 days, it’s hard to see Sony not making more games within that universe. What’s more likely is for Sucker Punch to develop a new IP to carry on throughout the rest of the PS4’s lifecycle, while another developer comes in for inFamous. Something akin to Guerrilla Cambridge’s work on Killzone: Mercenary, while the main Guerrilla team in Holland worked on Horizon, or what surely has to happen with Uncharted as Naughty Dog have all but confirmed Uncharted 4 is their last game in the series.

Some might like to see a smaller team work on inFamous Vita while a larger team works on a sequel to Second Son on PS4. Bend Studio did confirm they were prototyping an inFamous game on Vita before moving on to their currently unannounced PS4 project that many fans expected to be at PSX this year.

Screen Rant will keep you posted on the future of the inFamous franchise as details are made available.

Source: Kinda Funny GamesEngadget

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