Producer Frank Marshall Talks Indy 5 & Other Projects

Oscar-nominated producer Frank Marshall has recently spoken with both Coming Soon and Empire about the projects he has on the horizon. The Indiana Jones, Bourne and Sixth Sense producer has been in the business for over 30 years and is still going strong today, continually adding to a (mostly) solid resume.

The biggest area of interest on Marshall's to-do list is the next Indiana Jones installment (which Shia LaBeouf recently said Steven Spielberg had "cracked the story," for); in speaking with Empire about Indiana Jones 5, Marshall didn't go so far as to say the movie has officially been greenlit, but says that the project could get to the concept/script development stage soon:

"It's really about the script... Once we see that, we'll see. We're not going to wait another 20 years. We'd all love to make another one. I'm anxious to hear the idea!.. We [all] had a great time making the last one and, as Harrison [Ford] said, we need to make this one soon. We're not getting any younger. [But] until there's a script, nothing's definite. I haven't heard the idea."

Other than Indy 5, Marshall has plenty on his plate for the next couple of years. M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender is currently filming, so he's busy handling that, but at the same time he has another big franchise project on the horizon: a fourth Jason Bourne movie. Marshall says he would like to get shooting going on Bourne 4 next year, but there's a lot that needs to be put into place before that can happen:

"We'd like to shoot [Bourne 4] next year... It's trying to get everybody's schedules in the right place and getting the script right. We've done pretty well with these scripts that are pretty loosely put together, but I'd like the script to be really solid this time before we go forward. We're spending a lot of time on this story."

Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, was once considered to possibly play Lance Armstrong in the recently announced biopic, but Damon's age is the factor that probably won't deliver him the role. Said Marshall: "The book really only takes Lance up to the first tour, so he's only 21, and as much as Matt looks young, I'm not sure that he's going to be able to do it."

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