Indy 4: Updates, Corrections & Rumor Control

A hat tip to Moriarity over at AICN (one of the guys I respect over there) on providing rumor control on Indy 4, more correctly known as Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods (isn't that a mouthful?).

I will not venture into major spoiler territory here for two reasons:

1. It ruins the experience when the movie finally comes out.

2. I've gotten in trouble for it before. :-)

I've commented here previously regarding my trepidation (and related to that, my lack of coverage) about the film due to the fact that Frank Darabont supposedly turned in an awesome script that he was very pleased with and Steven Spielberg thought was great, only to have it rejected by George "The Phantom Menace" Lucas.

Well according to Moriarity, the shooting script is for the most part, intact so it wasn't a complete flushing of the first one. Most of the story is still there, but with the script tweaked to introduce some new characters and situations, including Indy's son. He speculates that Shia Lebouf (who plays the son) will replace Karen Allen (who played Marion in the original film) in some of the scenes written for her (although she is still in the film).

Moriarity also believes that the rumors concerning the Ark from the first film being in this one are bogus, and that the movie does indeed involve aliens, but not the typical green-skinned, big-eyed ones.

Personally, I'm going to remain cynical on this one until I start seeing some footage that tells me otherwise. Having Lucas override a writer with as strong a resume as Frank Darabont has, combined with the facts that both Lucas and Speilberg seem to have lost the capacity to make lighter, and fun movies and that Sean Connery jumped ship does not fill me with confidence on this one.

Source: AICN

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