Hilarious Fan Edit Inserts Starbucks Coffee Into Indiana Jones

A new fan edited video makes light of the recent Game of Thrones coffee cup gaffe by inserting Starbucks into Indiana Jones. This Sunday's episode of HBO's Game of Thrones featured a lot of shocking moments, but none was more stunning than the surprise appearance of a modern day coffee cup during a scene set in the castle of Winterfell. Coffee of course does not exist on the show, which takes place in a fantasy universe largely inspired by medieval Britain.

The internet naturally went into a frenzy over the cup, which was spotted by eagle-eyed fans setting on the table in front of dragon-riding queen Daenerys while wild man Tormund and company were celebrating their victory over the army of the dead. Social media went so crazy over the gaffe that HBO was forced to offer a jokey explanation for what happened. Making matters worse for the show, it turned out the goof happened right in front of showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who made cameo appearances in the same scene. Starbucks meanwhile received plenty of free publicity as fans mistakenly attributed the cup to the ubiquitous coffee house chain (in fact the coffee came from on-site craft services).

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In the wake of Game of Thrones' now-infamous goof, one creative fan has imagined a similar cup showing up in another famous scene, this one directly involving cups. Animator Daanish Syed created the video which sees a Starbucks cup popping up in the well-known holy grail scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. See the video below:

The scene from The Last Crusade of course involves Indiana Jones and his father, along with the movie's two main villains, entering the secret chamber where a Knight Templar has been protecting the holy grail for centuries, and being forced to pick out the real grail from among an array of cups. The bad guy goes for the most elaborate cup and drinks from it, and immediately turns into a skeleton. Indiana Jones, being more wise, chooses a simple cup and sips, and finds out this is indeed the real grail. In the new fan edited video, a Starbucks cup is conspicuously placed among the other cups, making light of how easy it should've been for someone on set to spot the Game of Thrones cup, which was setting right out on a table.

Such gaffes of course happen in movies all the time, and there's even an entire sub-set of movie fans who seem to exist solely to find and point out such mistakes. But as the Indiana Jones Starbucks cup video slyly points out, some gaffes are so obvious that it makes no sense for them to go through unnoticed by crew members or post-production people. Nowadays such goofs are arguably even more unforgivable, as the technology exists to easily erase them before release.

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Source: Daanish Syed/Twitter

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