10 Indiana Jones Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Indiana Jones is a great movie series ripe for some funny logic memes. Here's 10 of them that are too hilarious for words, so just look on!

Since 1981, Indiana Jones has been a popular, cultural figure. From having the smug, likable Harrison Ford bring him to life, to have his own ride at Disneyland, it's no wonder many consider the world's best archeologist a real hero and a national treasure.

Although we might not like to hear it, the unfortunate truth is that Indiana Jones exaggerates the archeologist's profession and often times his adventures are highly illogical. From watching God melt a Nazi's face, to finding the fountain of immortality, all the way to discovering the existence of alien life, here are 10 memes that make Indiana Jones logic highly laughable.

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10 "I Speak Many Languages"

Henry Jones taught Indy everything he knows, including the mastery of over 27 languages. So that probably makes traveling around the country to outrun Nazis an easy task, right? Well according to some vigilant fans that are not the case as we can see in the picture.

Holding his newspaper upside down would probably be a dead giveaway that Jones and his crew are probably not German and most likely three guys on the run. That or reading newspapers upside down is a normal thing in Germany. Good thing Indy is a master at improvising. Otherwise, not a very subtle move Henry Jones.

9 "Nuke? I Should Definitely Hide in This Fridge"

Being a world-renowned archeologist means Indy is no stranger to brushes with death. In fact, in every movie, Indy is being shot at, punched, and nearly thrown off a cliff, so it's safe to safe to say he's pretty quick at thinking on his feet. In fact, it's his quick thinking that saves him from an incoming nuke when he decides his best chance at survival is stuffing himself in a fridge.

Lucky for us, it does just the trick and keeps our favorite history professor out of harms away and radioactive free. He would not recommend you try at home, Dr.Jones is very clearly a professional.

8 "I Can Take Them All Myself "

When it comes to rare and ancient artifacts, we all know that travel is a must. For Indy, throughout the four movies seemed to be going everywhere around the world, seeing Nazis, British Raj, British Egyptians, and even the Hatay Army.

Luckily for him, the armies got easier as the movies went along because he would've been in big trouble taking on entire armies with nothing but his trusty whip. The logic behind this is hilarious because and the grave robber would've easily been taken out but the armies might have been too soft for him. Keep doing you Indy.

7 World's Greatest?

It's funny that throughout his time exploring Indy is considered one of the best archeologists in the world, gaining notoriety. But do we ever actually see him do any? We see him as a history professor, an adventurer, a lover, even a Nazi when he disguised himself, but never actually doing his profession.

Most of the time the treasure falls on his lap or he almost always has some form of help that helps do the minimum work. Not to take away from his knowledge, but we just don't see much of that in the movies. So if he's not an archeologist, what do we call him?

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6 "Aight Ima Head Out"

Being an epic adventurer leaves little time for grading papers or having office hours, so when the 100 students want to talk about the upcoming finals what better way to respond then by just heading out the window.

A move professors probably wouldn't recommend, it's safe to say Indy probably isn't the best professor, given he most likely misses half the year finding the Lost Ark or a Crystal Skull. Add the fact he's not the most supportive authority figure (see Short Round and Mutt), it's no wonder he chooses to run away rather than face his students. Good luck in History kids.

5 "Snakes? Why is it Always Gotta Be Snakes?"

Being a grave robber, there isn't much Indy hasn't seen, so it's safe to say he's not afraid of much. At least that's what you would think. Indy has seen faces melt, men literally rip hearts out, even seen a man turn into dust and he still manages to dust himself off.

One thing he will absolutely not do is deal with snakes. A long-running joke in the movies, Indy has a crippling fear of the snake, something he wouldn't even touch to save his life. He would definitely not mind if all the snakes in the world would just disappear, something that wouldn't be too far of a stretch in the Indyverse.

4 "Foreshadowing"

In many Spielberg and George Lucas films, there is always some subtle hint that points to something that will happen later in the movie and this meme talk about just that.

For those familiar with The Last Crusade, we know the premise of the movie has to do with God's real name being Jehovah and a puzzle that Indy has to solve to get to the goblet of immortality. In the scene, he forgets the Latin "J" is actually an "I" and almost falls to his death. It was a funny and interesting way of foreshadowing.

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3 "Water! Water!"

As mentioned before, Indy is good at thinking on his feet, quite literally. So when anything goes south, it's easy to bet on Dr.Jones to get you out of any pickle. in Temple of Doom, when Indy Short Round and Willie ran off in a train car, they soon found out that the brakes were faulty and they were sure to meet their death.

Indy thought quickly and jumped in front of the train car, attempting to stop it. In an act that probably would've killed most, Indy is left with a bad case of Athletes foot and not much else.

2 Indy Shot First

When you're on your way to discovering an artifact that has been lost for 1000s of years, you have little time to brawl. As impressive as his moves are, Jones just takes his gun and with one shot ends it all. Not that Indy doesn't know his way in a fight, he often goes the easy way to concentrate on what really matters. In this case, a guy with swords is less important than the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

In typical fashion, he just shoots the would-be threat, ending any type of conflict then and there. Poor Sword guy.

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1 #1 Hype Man

Short Round made his way into our hearts in Temple of Doom as Indy's trusty and loyal sidekick. As the Robin to Indy's Batman, he actually tried to steal from Indy before befriending and taking him in.

Although Indy isn't the perfect father figure, he still cares for and treats Short Round with some respect. So when Willie accidentally called Indy "Jones" instead of his rightful "Dr.Jones", Shorty made sure she never made that mistake again. As a loyal sidekick, it's nice to see where Shorty sets his priorities and how much he respects the caretaker that took him off the streets.

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