Indiana Jones Land Reportedly Being Considered At Disney World

An Indiana Jones mini-land may open at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The Mouse House's surprise acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012 brought about a new era for Star Wars content, but as most viewers know, the galaxy far, far away isn't the only notable franchise under the studio's umbrella. Lucasfilm is also home to the highly-successful Indiana Jones series, which has spawned four blockbuster films since Raiders of the Lost Ark debuted in 1981. There have been some problems getting a fifth installment off the ground, but the current plan is for it to hit theaters in 2021.

Of course, Disney usually has ideas much larger than new movies for their prized possession. Next year sees the long-awaited opening of the Galaxy's Edge theme park at their Florida and California locations, which transports attendees to the Star Wars universe like never before. Obviously, much of the company's focus has been on completing the construction of these attractions, but they've also been brainstorming ideas for Indiana Jones. Now, they could have something.

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According to Orlando Weekly, Disney is currently considering constructing a mini Indiana Jones land at Disney World's Hollywood Studios park (where Galaxy's Edge will be). The current proposal would have it take up eight acres and replace the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! attraction. It's unknown exactly what rides would be included, but Disney would like dining locations and gift shops.

If this gets off the ground, it would be the latest example of Disney synergy in action. An Indiana Jones Land wouldn't be open for business until some time in 2020, most likely after the new movie has completed its theatrical run. Ideally, Indiana Jones 5 will be a hit, meaning Disney Parks would be able to capitalize on the property's new wave of popularity. The franchise will always have a special place in viewers' hearts, but there's something to be said about appealing to the next generation of fans. Considering Indy 5 is the return to form many hope it is, people of all ages would be excited for Indy-based theme park attractions, upping attendance and generating more revenue. It's not a coincidence Galaxy's Edge is opening as the Star Wars sequel trilogy concludes and a full slate of movies introduced the series to youngsters.

It's worth mentioning this isn't a done deal yet, and it might be some time before an official announcement is made on the matter. The Galaxy's Edge confirmation came in 2015, during the middle of peak Force Awakens hype. With that in mind, Disney could move forward with Indiana Jones Land in 2021 as audiences get excited for the release of the new movie. Regardless, it seems like Dr. Jones is going to have an increased presence at Disney World in the future, which is a thrilling proposition for fans.

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Source: Orlando Weekly

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