11Overuse of CGI

A CGI Gopher in Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Compared with Ford’s other iconic role as space smuggler Han Solo, Indiana Jones has always been a grounded character who lives in the real world – albeit a world full of mysticism, magic and divine intervention. Because of this, while newer Star Wars movies have benefited in many ways

from the possibilities afforded by computer generated special effects, some of the imperfect CGI in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a major point of contention among longstanding fans of the series.

Animated animals and an overuse of greenscreen work throughout the fourth Indy movie feels out place in a series that otherwise prides itself on impressive practical action sequences. In the years since the last movie’s release, though, many filmmakers have learned about the limitations of computer work in movies – meanwhile, effects technology has made significant strides forward. With any luck, Indiana Jones 5 will keep computer effects to a minimum, and will only feature CGI in places that don’t distract from the action.

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