New 'Indiana Jones' Movie Confirmed, But There's No Script Yet

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy says that another Indiana Jones movie will be made, but script development hasn't begun just yet.

Indiana Jones reboot doesn't have a script yet

The Walt Disney Company now has the full rights to both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, going on some three years since the Mouse House's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Lucasfilm. A new era in the Star Wars shared universe has already begun, of course, while earlier this year word got out that the plan is, in fact, to reboot the Indiana Jones character on the big screen.

Fans have already taken to debating whether that's a good idea, while also offering their opinions about rumored candidate Chris Pratt stepping into the Dr. Jones (Jr.) role made iconic by Harrison Ford. However, as this discussion continues, it's best to keep in mind that very little to nothing is set in stone for this property right now - and thus, a final decision on who will be the next Indiana Jones is still a ways off from being made.

Cast in point: Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has told Vanity Fair that another Indiana Jones movie "will one day be made inside this company," but emphasized that although discussions are underway they "haven't started working on a script yet." That aligns with comments from Disney chairman Alan Horn less than six months ago, when he said that the next Indiana Jones film didn't even have a story locked in place at that time.

Star Wars and Indiana Jones

It's not surprising that Lucasfilm would prioritize development on brand-new Star Wars material over Indiana Jones, all things considered. The former IP has long sustained a multi-platform "Shared Universe", and will continue to do so - with additional Episode movies, Anthology (read: standalone) films, animated TV shows, and much more. Indiana Jones, by comparison, has likewise given rise to titles across a variety of mediums in the past (movies, books, TV shows, video games), but that's a far smaller "universe" than the Star Wars franchise.

However, because it is such a strong brand, there's no reason to doubt Kennedy when she says another Indiana Jones movie will be made one day. So the question is: who do fans want to see play the globe-trotting archaeologist on the big screen next (since it seems like Ford's days playing the character are done)? And what sort of adventure should he go on; or, rather, who should be hired to write and/or direct the film?

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg filming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Word has it Steven Spielberg has some interest in directing the next Indiana Jones movie - but would that be best? Part of the reason so many are interested in seeing the next wave of Star Wars film is because they'll be the first to not involve the franchises's creator, George Lucas, in a significant creative capacity. Lucas will presumably not be involved with Indy's future adventures either, so maybe it's time that Spielberg also let someone else take a shot at making a feature about the whip-cracking adventurer, too.

Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service) has expressed an interest in directing an Indiana Jones movie, but he's definitely just one of many filmmakers who feel that way. Properties such as James Bond and Star Trek have shown that there are different ways to successfully reboot or otherwise re-launch a film series beyond just hitting the reset button - which is to say, just as there's not one director for Indiana Jones, there's (arguably) not one right way to revive the franchise, either.


We'll continue to keep you up to speed on Indiana Jones news as more comes our way.

Source: Vanity Fair

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