'Independence Day 2': Vivica A. Fox Returning for the Sequel

Vivicia A. Fox joins Independence Day 2 cast

Independence Day co-screenwriter/director Roland Emmerich has confirmed a handful of cast members for the sequel (scheduled to arrive in 2016) - and now, that includes more than one person who also costarred in Emmerich's original 1996 alien invasion blockbuster. However, there is one Independence Day star we can safely say will not be appearing in the followup (despite them being a pivotal character in the first movie): Will Smith as hotshot pilot Steven Hiller.

That Smith isn't coming back for Independence Day 2 is old news at this point. Production on David Ayer's Suicide Squad (featuring Smith as DC comics character Deadshot) will be getting underway around the same time that Emmerich is going to be filming his Independence Day sequel - call it the final nail in that coffin. All the same, Vivica A. Fox will return as Jasmine Dubrow in Emmerich's new sci-fi tentpole (without her boyfriend-turned husband Steven).

Emmerich, as has become his common practice now, confirmed Fox's return for the Independence Day sequel through his Twitter account (and Fox publicly responded in accordance):

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