The Incredibles: Character Superpowers Ranked

The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

When The Incredibles came out in 2004, it was a massive hit and might have been the best Fantastic Four movie ever made. It took the idea of the First Family of Marvel, redesigned them as original characters and developed a story that was touching and inspirational. The second movie was not quite as good, but was still a solid effort and introduced many more superheroes into the world.

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The family at the center of The Incredibles have amazing powers and the characters in the second movie proved there is a lot more to mine when it comes to originality and humor. With so many great characters in the two movies, here is a look at the strongest The Incredibles heroes and their superpowers.

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The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked
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The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Reflux was comic relief in The Incredibles 2, a senior citizen superhero with obvious acid reflux problems. It was Gus Burns' struggles with reflux that gave him his powers and his name -- as well as the pun of his real last name.

However, while it seems like a major joke, Reflux has the power to projectile vomit hot lava, which can then burn through almost anything, allowing him access to places that others can't get into. He can also use this as an offensive weapon in fights. His biggest weakness is that he suffers from motion sickness, and if he gets sick, he is a danger to everyone around him.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

He-Lectrix is one of the superheroes that Winston Deavor brought together for Elastigirl to lead into battle. He has the power to shoot lightning and electricity from his fingertips. He also has control over electricity and can charge items with his fingers as well.

When introduced, he showed himself to be arrogant, ending up as one of the hypnotized villains that the Incredibles had to defeat. The biggest weakness for He-Lectrix was exposure to water, which nullifies his powers -- something that makes him less than impressive and explains why he is a second-tier hero. He was defeated when Violet put a force field around him, causing him to electrocute himself.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Voyd was introduced in The Incredibles 2 as one of the new heroes that Winston Deavor wanted to use to show the world that superheroes were still important and necessary. A young hero, Karen Fields is also a huge fan of Elastigirl and has some impressive powers of her own.

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It is Voyd who helps Elastigirl stop Evelyn Deavor and save the day in that movie. Her powers involve dimensional teleportation. To do this, she opens a portal and can pass through to end up somewhere else. The problem here is that she has to see the landing spots for her to create a target to land. This allows her to bypass force fields, walls, and more.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Krushauer appeared in The Incredibles 2 as one of the heroes that were brought in to help convince the public that superheroes were needed. While he looks like a massive hero with super strength like Mr. Incredible, his power is a lot more impressive than that.

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Krushauer has the power of telekinesis. Unlike other heroes with this power, instead of using it to move things around, he can crush things with just his mind. He can crush a car without even touching it. He can also un-crush something using his powers as well. Krushaeur used his powers to try to crush the kids as they hid in the ducts, but Jack-Jack grew in size and Krushaeur was unable to stop him.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Dash has the power of super speed. However, due to his young age (10), he still has a lot of maturing to do and his powers will likely not manifest themselves in full until he reaches adulthood. He can run up to 30 meters a second and his top speed is just a tenth of the speed of sound.

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This speed also extends to his reflexes, including his ability to hit someone at a rapid rate. However, unlike someone like Flash who can maximize those blows, his strikes are still normal for his height and weight -- just at a much more rapid pace. He also has enhanced durability and can rebound quickly from a collision.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Frozone is the closest friend of Mr. Incredible. Lucius Best has the ability to control ice. The biggest weakness here is that he needs water to be around for him to create his ice, as he cannot create it out of thin air. However, as the first Incredibles movie showed, even a little bit of water, such as from a drinking fountain, is all he needs to generate enough ice for an attack.

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He also showed in the giant battle with Syndrome that he can create giant walls of ice and also create an ice bridge that he can ski on at fast speeds. This is very similar to Ice-Man of the X-Men, but without turning to ice himself.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Mr. Incredible has a limited power set but it is very impressive in his overall strength -- especially during fights. He has superhuman strength and can lift in excess of 66 tons -- making him one of the most powerful superheroes in that movie's world.

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Mr. Incredible also has super speed, which is impressive for someone of his side, as well as enhanced stamina and durability and (according to his NSA file shown in the movie) the ability to sense danger -- basically his version of a spider-sense. On the flip side, he causes almost as much damage as he prevents when fighting crime.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Violet, the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, has incredibly powerful abilities, but they are slightly hindered by her insecurities and lack of confidence. In the first movie, she was held back by her fear of failure and needed saving at one point by her mother. In the second movie, it was her insecurities as a teenager that stopped her from fully excelling.

Her powers are almost the same as The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, and she is a very powerful Marvel character. Violet has the power of invisibility and also can project force fields that are almost indestructible when she is fully concentrating. However, blunt force attacks can batter down her defenses over time.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Helen Parr, the Elastigirl, has an interesting skill-set too. While some have compared her to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four for her elasticity, she is more similar to someone like Plastic Man when it comes to her actual powers. Through the first movie, she proved to be very powerful, saving her children from a plane explosion and landing without a scratch.

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In The Incredibles 2, she was also the one chosen to be the face of the superhumans when they were trying to return to the public eye. She has the power of elasticity, can shapeshift into just about any form, can change her density, and has superhuman durability when attacked, withstanding almost all impact when prepared.


The Incredibles: Character Super Powers Ranked

Jack-Jack is just a baby, but he is likely the most powerful superhuman in the world of The Incredibles. He had no powers in the first movie until the end, when he was able to turn into some kind of demon to escape the clutches of Syndrome. Then, in Incredibles 2, he showed how powerful he really was.

Among other powers, he can shape-shift into just about anything, phase through things, teleport, and turn himself into a powerful giant monster. He can also develop superhuman strength and durability, crawl up walls, create duplicates of himself, shoot lasers from his eyes, create electricity, levitate, and more.

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