The Incredibles Is Getting A LEGO Video Game

Put away those bricks and pick up the controller because a first look trailer for LEGO: The Incredibles video game has just landed.

Brad Bird's superhero Pixar movie The Incredibles first hit theaters back in 2004, and went on to become one of the studio's best-loved pieces of work. After a wait of nearly 14 years, The Incredibles 2 will arrive in June, but that isn't the only reason to be excited about the ongoing Incredibles franchise. Prepare to suit up as the Parr family get their own video game in LEGO form.

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Warner Bros. Interactive and Disney revealed LEGO: The Incredibles with an announcement trailer that shows the whole family working together once again to save the world from supervillains. Featuring an open world hub, LEGO: The Incredibles will contain all the usual humor of a LEGO game with all the Pixar magic of The Incredibles. Whether playing as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, or even Jack-Jack, each character promises their own set of unique abilities similar to the LEGO Batman games. In case the trailer didn't make it clear enough, teamwork is the focus of LEGO: The Incredibles, as players build their own team of superheroes.

While LEGO: The Incredibles won't be a simple rehash of either movies' storyline, it does tease familiar locations such as Municiberg and Nomanisan Island alongside fan-favorite characters like Edna Mode and Frozone. LEGO: The Incredibles also promises to flesh out some of the superheroes that had a cameo in the original movie, meaning audiences might finally get a proper a look at deceased heroes like Gazerbeam, Blazerstone, and Vectress. Considering The Incredibles 2 is due to add 25 new superheroes to the roster, also expect the game to have one heck of a cast as the story progresses.

There were several video games based on The Incredibles, including 2005's Rise of the Underminer which picked up where the movie left off. Rise of the Underminer was about as close as fans got to a proper sequel until Bird announced The Incredibles 2, but now LEGO promises to take the story even further. Working closely with Disney, developer TT Games is putting its many years of experience since LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game to good use. From the aforementioned Batman and Star Wars to Harry Potter, Jurassic ParkIndiana Jones, you name it, LEGO has created it. However, with The Incredibles 2 opening the door to even more movies, this new game may not be the last we see of the plastic Parr family.

Due to release on June 15 (on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC) alongside The Incredibles 2, the timing couldn't be better for LEGO: The Incredibles to cash in on the reinvigorated hype around the series. Just remember though - no capes!

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