The Incredibles 2 Teaser Trailer to Premiere With Coco

The first trailer for Pixar's highly anticipated sequel The Incredibles 2 is classified and scheduled to debut with Coco in theaters.

The first trailer for The Incredibles 2 is coming soon just in time to be attached to Coco. As part of the Disney machine, Pixar has become even more finely tuned over the past few years. The studio released two movies within a single year for the first time in 2015 (with Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur), and will do it again this year. Pixar unveiled Cars 3 back in the summer, and has Coco hitting theaters two weeks from now, building on its positive pre-release buzz.

The mixture of original ideas and sequels is no surprise, but fans have been waiting for a followup to The Incredibles ever since that film was released all the way back in 2004 - making it all the more surprising that a third Cars movie ended up happening before a second Incredibles movie. Disney finally offered a proper sneak peek at the Incredibles sequel during its D23 event this past summer, but soon it will be time for everyone to see what Pixar and writer/director Brad Bird have been cooking up.

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TrailerTrack is reporting that the first teaser trailer for The Incredibles 2 has been classified and is all-but-certain to premiere in theaters with Coco on Wednesday, November 22 - though it may arrive online before then. The trailer will definite be a "teaser", seeing as it's only listed at 60 seconds long, but that should still be plenty of time for Pixar to get fans excited.

The Incredibles

It was widely assumed that the Mouse House would attach the first trailer for Incredibles 2 with Coco, but it is great to finally get confirmation that this is the case. Many may want a full two minute (or more)-long trailer, but there is plenty of time for that to be released before next June - and Disney will have no shortage of films to attach a full-length trailer to before then. It has now been thirteen years since the first Incredibles film hit theaters, so odds are the Incredibles 2 teaser will first take a moment to reintroduce the super-powered Parr family to the big screen - before delving into the brand-new aspects of the sequel.

Fans may have been waiting years to see another Incredibles movie, but the sequel is going to pick up exactly where the first Incredibles left off. Beyond that, it has been confirmed that the sequel will focus more on Elastigirl this time around. She won't be the only superhero either, what with 25 new superheroes slated to join Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, and Frozone in their ongoing battle against crime in the film. It remains to be seen how many (if any) of these elements are included in the Incredibles 2 teaser trailer, but it should be great to revisit this Pixar world after all these years, regardless.

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Source: TrailerTrack

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