Sophia Bush Interview: Incredibles 2

Sophia Bush is an American actress, director, activist, and spokesperson. She is most known for her role as Brooke Davis on The WB’s One Tree Hill and most recently as Det. Erin Lindsay on NBC’s Chicago PD. Sophia Bush will be voicing the character Voyd in the upcoming Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which premieres in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk with Sophia Bush on Press Day, where we talked about how much of a Pixar fan she is, what draws her to animation, and what she would use Voyd’s powers for if she had them herself.

SR: Sophia, congratulations. This movie is so much fun. It picks up right where the other one left off.

Sophia Bush: Isn’t it the best?

SR: So good! Were you a fan of this growing up? Because it’s right in your age range, right?

Sophia Bush: Huge. I am such a big Pixar fan in general and the Incredibles has always been my favorite Pixar movie.

SR: Me too.

Sophia Bush: And it’s beyond! And to get the call that I would be in the second film was so surreal. It was like an out of body experience for sure!

SR: This movie is a character study on a family and Pixar is all about family as well. With that being said, how is it joining the Pixar family?  Like just being a part of that?

Sophia Bush: It’s really incredible. The team is so wonderful and so kind. Years ago just because I loved animation so much and really wanted to start learning about the behind-the-scenes of it, I went to Pixar, I don’t know, probably three years and did a whole day of a campus tour and got to look at the color temperature for films and how they kind of laid that out in these big storyboards. I got to look at the molds. I got to go in and talk to the animators and they were animating The Good Dinosaur at the time. And I was like, “How does it work? How do you write the code? What does the program look like? What are the layers?” Because they are moving shapes and then there are shapes with faces and then they have skin. I wanted to know everything and the animators were really sweet and patient and explained a lot of cool technical stuff with me.

SR: I love that you’re geeking out about animation. Now we’re going to see the Sophia Bush animation movie.

Sophia Bush: Yeah! Totally! I mean, my character is a woman in STEM.

SR: Right?

Sophia Bush: I’m very geeked on the science and technology all the time. So, I just, it’s been the most magical thing to kind of get introduced to the family and be welcomed into the family. It’s been very fun.

SR: Now Voyd has a really cool power. How would you use that in real life?

Sophia Bush: Ugh. Could you imagine if you didn’t have to get off the couch when you need something?

SR: [laughs]

Sophia Bush: If you could just flick your hands and that bottle of water that’s on the kitchen counter could float through tiny holes in space into your hand in the living room? I mean, goodbye! It would be amazing!

SR: I felt like you thought about that one for awhile too. Also, Voyd, she is the biggest fangirl for Elastigirl. Who were you a superhero fan of growing up and who is your favorite Incredible?

Sophia Bush: Oh man! I’ve always loved Elastigirl. I just think she is the woman who does it all. And, you know, one of those moms who is up front about how crazy life can be, but also manages to get everything done, which I think is so inspiring. Um, oh gosh. Who would be my favorite superhero? That’s hard. Ever since I was little, I always said I just wanted to grow up and be Batman.

SR: Really?

Sophia Bush: Oh yeah.

SR: That’s awesome.

Sophia Bush: I love everything that he can do and I love that there’s, he’s a little bit of James Bond. He’s got a little bit of darkness. He’s just such a cool superhero to me. When they are ready for a female Batman, I’m there.

SR: There you go. Ben Affleck, you’ve heard it.

Sophia Bush: He’s tired. He doesn’t want to do anymore of those movies. Right? He’s got to be exhausted.

SR: Right? So, I do have to ask since you’ve just done an animated superhero film, has the bug bitten you to want to get into the live action superhero films?

Sophia Bush: Oh, that’s always been on my bucket list.

SR: Really?

Sophia Bush: Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

SR: Any character in particular?

Sophia Bush: Honestly, I would have to look at who’s left and who gets to do the best stunts because that’s what I love about the whole action space is being able to train and be able to do sequences like that. But yes, I’m in.

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