'The Incredibles 2': Brad Bird 'Just Starting' to Write the Script

Brad Bird starts writing Incredibles 2 script

Though Pixar still has plenty of original concepts in the pipeline (including Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur this year), they are also looking to produce sequels to some of their most popular films. One such project that has generated much excitement is The Incredibles 2, a followup to director Brad Bird's acclaimed tale of a superhero family. As the premise and mythology of that film would suggest, the brand is ripe for more stories set in this world and fans have been clamoring for such projects ever since the original came out in 2004.

Pixar announced the film was in development last year, but little has come out about the film since (though we know Frozone will be returning in some capacity). Now, however, the long-awaited sequel is one step closer to becoming a reality, as Bird has revealed he's beginning to pen the screenplay.

While speaking with NPR, the director spoke briefly about the progress of Incredibles 2. It's nothing particularly revealing, but it's exciting for fans nonetheless:

"I'm just starting to write it, so we'll see what happens."

Given that Bird was busy working on Tomorrowland for Disney (a film that releases this May), it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's only now beginning to write the Incredibles 2 script. That said, fans shouldn't take this as Bird is still generating ideas for the superhero sequel. The director has always been brainstorming possible plot threads, and has expressed his desire to tell a story that's as impactful as the one featured in the original. He likely had an outline for something special and is now in the process of putting it on paper.

Incredibles 2 screenplay

As for what exactly he has in mind, that's anyone's guess right now. So far, there's been no indication as to when the movie will take place (i.e. in real time like Toy Story 3) or what characters (besides the main cast) will be making an appearance. At this stage, theories about where the story could go are a plenty; maybe it chronicles the adventures of an older Mr. Incredible facing retirement, or perhaps it provides meta commentary on pop culture's recent obsession with superheroes. It will be interesting to see what Bird develops as he works on the screenplay.

Though Bird is writing the script, it has not been said if he also intends to direct the project (as was the case with the original). This decade has seen the filmmaker venture out into the world of live-action movies with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the aforementioned Tomorrowland - and if he wants to continue down that path, calling the shots on a massive animated film such as this would take up a considerable amount of his time (preventing him from working other gigs). That said, Bird frequently directs his own scripts and he has such an affection for The Incredibles he may feel compelled to take the job himself.

Incredibles action pose

Regardless of what happens on the directing front, fans of The Incredibles can take solace in the fact that Bird is going to be involved in some capacity - and if his track record is any indication, that means we'll be in for a treat whenever we catch up with Mr. Incredible and his family. At this point, the fact that Incredibles 2 is a thing that actually exists is exciting enough for fans. Whatever the story entails, they'll be happy to go along for the ride.

We'll keep you updated on The Incredibles 2 as more information becomes available.

Source: NPR

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