Samuel L. Jackson Interview: Incredibles 2

Samuel L. Jackson has had a long and varied acting career, especially in both the action and superhero genres. He has become most associated in recent years with his role of Nick Fury from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his role of Frozone in Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which will be released in theaters on June 15, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk with Samuel L. Jackson on Press Day, where we discussed what Lucius is doing when he’s not Frozone, how Frozone is coping with Jack-Jack’s powers, and what advice Samuel had to give Brie Larson when she took on the role of Captain Marvel.

SR: Now this movie is Incredible. Congratulations on the film.

Samuel L. Jackson: [laughs]

SR: No pun intended. The Incredibles is an action franchise that is actually a character study as well on family. Speaking of that, what is your character doing when he’s not in the mask?

Samuel L. Jackson: In the mask?

SR: Yeah. In your head.

Samuel L. Jackson: Apparently, Lucius is always out trying to figure out an angle to do this thing that makes him happy. Being Frozone is more than just a hobby, you know? It’s his identity in a way. It’s funny though. You look at films like this or you look at certain films and you go, “Oh you really think just putting on a mask is like, they don’t know who you are?”

SR: Right. Right. Right.

Samuel L. Jackson: They don’t know who you are? Lucius has enough of a mask on that he may be able to get away with not being identified. But if anybody knows him knows him, Frozone is not that far from being just who Lucius is.

SR: You know, it’s so funny because we get a small scene with Frozone or Lucius at home.

Samuel L. Jackson: Again.

SR: Yeah. At home. And I just love seeing that interaction with them. Now you have the best of both worlds. Live-action superhero movies and animated superhero movies. Is there a different sense of fulfillment with either one when you see the finished product?

Samuel L. Jackson: Yeah. I mean, the big difference here being that we’ve been doing this for two and a half years. That’s something. On a movie 8-16 weeks, you kind of know what’s going on. You have a real idea of how it’s going to happen. This you come in and out and you get lines. You get words. Sometimes they’ll have an animation for you where you go, “Oh look what we did!”  You might see something and go, “Oh. So that’s what happening.” Cause it doesn’t matter what’s in my head. That’s not what is in Brad’s head for sure. So, that’s a huge difference in what you did vocally as to what is there visually.

SR: Frozone has a great interaction with Jack-Jack. What does he think of Jack-Jack?

Samuel L. Jackson: Oh! Jack-Jack is like everything. Lucius is like, “Now my power is cool, but this is cool. This is cool.”

SR: He’s freaked out by him too a little bit.

Samuel L. Jackson: Well, but not fearfully.

SR: Sure.

Samuel L. Jackson: He’s freaked out by the possibilities of what he could be. I mean, Jack-Jack is so many things.

SR: Right. And what’s your favorite new Jack-Jack power?

Samuel L. Jackson: Uh, my favorite one? Teleportation.

SR: I like it.

Samuel L. Jackson: Cause I always wonder where does he go when he goes? He’s around, but he’s not around.

SR: Just recently you showed me a video of Brie Larson pushing a jeep up a hill and you worked with Brie a few times now. Did you have any advice for her for her role of Captain Marvel cause you’re such a fixture there.

Samuel L. Jackson: No more than, you know, don’t try to make this anymore important than the reality of playing any other role that you’ve had. I mean, the Marvel universe is a big place and they hired you for a reason and if you do what you’re capable of doing, then the rest of it will take care of itself.

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